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  •  All I'm saying is I know one lady diaried here (1+ / 0-)
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    that her brother in law (I think) got called and refused and arrested. I have a navy IRR friend who sat in the brig until his hardship went through. The point of the diary (I think) and my point (I think?) is that the way the Army presents it, nice, genteel, polite, and the way they actually do it, or the way it feels to the troop, are two different things. When I signed up they said I could go to school. When I got to my unit (I was Infantry) they said I was dreaming. I bulled my way into two classes in three years and my seargents made me pay for the hassle I gave them. Any one who wants to be a public servant, be it soldier, clerk, or politician, has my respect (well, within reason). But they need to read that contract like they are selling their very soul to the devil because that contract is basically indentured servitude for 8 years. More if they say they need you. "Involuntary Extention" is the term for "Your butt is staying right here for another year." My favorite line is "Other Duties as the Army deems Neccessary." We got a lot of people in the Infantry because when they washed out of their MOS boot the Infantry becomes the other duties. The other thing is that once you join, learn the regs. They are written for the solider not the sarge. My first CO told me that and it got me out of many a nasty duty (and into those 2 classes.)
    Oh and "basic training, advanced infantry training" is 13 Weeks out of 104 (two years) for Infantry. You want specialized training like computers and medical tech you're going to have to sign up for 4 years minimum. Grunts, truck drivers and cooks get two. I had to go four for Airborne and Ranger (really advance infantry training:)
    And once you're overseas the trick is getting home. The Army is thin over in Iraq and they're extending guys way past their time and then giving them double and triple tours.

    •  There are always alternatives (1+ / 0-)
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      DoD Diectives on screening the Ready Reserve

      A Service member, on written application, may be discharged from a Reserve component of a Military Service if the Service member has become a member
      of the clergy and establishes as follows, that: The ministry is his or her main primary vocation. His or her religious faith group is recognized substantially for religious purposes. His or her standing in the faith group is recognized as that of a minister or leader.

      DODI 1200.15, Sep. 18, 1997
      4 He or she is certified by an applicable official of the faith group to be a fully qualified member of the clergy in good standing.

      Because of the Presidents faith based inititives Clergy are exempted.

      Applying as an orthodox hedonist can be supported on grounds going back to the Vietnam War.

      Live Free or Die (-8.88 -9.49) IMPEACH

      by rktect on Wed Apr 05, 2006 at 12:40:06 PM PDT

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