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View Diary: Charged with assault in NOLA . . .for cleaning up my garbage! (63 comments)

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    I understand exactly what you're saying; we live in a city where everyone has suffered a moderate to severe loss, where many of those who are trying to help us are living in tents, RV, trailers, nasty hotel rooms, etc, and I know that anyone I'm likely to talk to is on edge.

    I tried what you suggested, but once the guy accused me of the offense he refused to talk to me so I encouraged him to call his supervisor so we could talk about it.  She came a few minutes later, and when I tried to talk to her I overheard her boss say over the radio that she wasn't allowed to talk to me.  Nobody from Phillips and Jordan, the master contractor, would talk to me, either.  Nor would they give me any names or numbers; I even asked the police who my accusers were and they said they weren't required or allowed to reveal that information.

    I tried talking to the air before the police arrived but in retrospect they knew they had me -- after six months of back and forth over the sorry job they've done on this block they knew they had me -- there were six or so of those guys, and only one of me.  

    Sad thing is that a few of the guys must have known the fix was in cause they helped me pick up the maggot ladden food debris that "Mard Head" had thrown into the street when he "segregated" the trash bags looking for "chemical contaminants", aka, household bleach bottles.

    Man, I tried to apologize, I tried to speak with anyone in authority, but that's not what the FEMA team wanted. We've had a running battle over several months and when the tactical advantage swung their way yesterday they jumped on it -- and shame on me for not recognizing I was vunlerable to their lies before it got out of hand.

    It's beyond crazy down here, man.  My mom came down to visit last month, and every time we went outside she just cried cause she couln't believe how awful this part of New Orleans is post-Katrina.  We're all feeling the stress, and the sad thing is that what you don't fight for, you don't get - and that just drives a cycle of anger that leads to situations like this.

    What I don't understand is why the contractors don't just do the job they are paid to do -- they treat us like we're victims and they're relief volunteers who are doing us a friggin' favor.  If only that were the case; P&J has a $500m contract with the Corps of Engineers that we're all paying for, and whatever our personal hardships I can't see how that relieves anyone from responsibility for doing the job they contracted to do.

    What do they think this is, Iraq or something?  :~)



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