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View Diary: Fitzgerald Has Proof That Bush and Cheney Were At Center of NIE-Plamegate Leaks (Poll)! (367 comments)

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  •  Maryscott, not only do we have this 39 page (23+ / 0-)

    release on the US Prosecutor sites, Jason Leopold sent me a transcript of last Wednesday's  (or Thursdady ?) session he paid for with his own money.

    I meant to post this here with his regards and personal invitation for questions from you all, but got busy writing the Chomsky Fallajua War piece and a few others and put it on the back burner.  

    He thanked me for defending his record and has given me an open invitation to ask him any questions or favors that might be helpful.

    And he sends his thanks and request, and similar offers to all of you here.

    But a whole lot of Fitzgerald Grand Jury stuff is apparently in the pipeline.  

    Leopold apparently has a bunch of connections where is receiving so much info I don't think he can keep up with it all.

    This is partially due to the fact that he has to file stuff on the record in response to the Libby lawyers challenges, and partiall due to the fact things are winding up.

    Leopold says Fitz is being tied up with a bunch of other trials, but is going to try to wind up this phase in the next few weeks.

    He has a small army of people writing up final drafts of a bunch of filings.

    Also, another juicy tidbit that I just heard confirmed on the Keith Oberman report so have the second independent source.

    Let's see how to put this?

    "sources" are now speculating that the reasons that Dick Cheney, Karl Rove, Stephen Hadley, and other obvious choices have not been put on the intended withness list by Fitzgerald is that Prosecutors usually do not call as witnesses against one target when they are in fact target themselves for other charges.  

    Sort of thought provoking eh?

    Helping to bring justice back to the White House, one indictment at a time.

    by HoundDog on Thu Apr 06, 2006 at 05:47:09 PM PDT

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