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View Diary: Fitzgerald Has Proof That Bush and Cheney Were At Center of NIE-Plamegate Leaks (Poll)! (367 comments)

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    I'm ambiguous about Bush being impeached with Cheney as the VP. If I could be certain that an impeachment inquiry would take out Cheney first then I'd get off the fence.

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      First, if one of them goes down, the other won't be late in following.  Second, if Bush goes down, Cheney will have no power.  No one trusts him nor respects him.  He won't be a lame duck; he will be a paraplegic duck.

    •  If one goes they both will (0+ / 0-)

      If they see the writing on the wall, they will both resign before the November elections.  

      The twist will be that we end up with President Rice, not President Hastert.  They will want to give her the advantage of incumbency for '08 and will make Hastert take one for the team.  

      That prevents the possibility of President Pelosi should the Dems retake the House, which is why it will happen by October if it is going to.

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