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View Diary: Fitzgerald Has Proof That Bush and Cheney Were At Center of NIE-Plamegate Leaks (Poll)! (367 comments)

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  •  Note: a VIOLATION of the unitary executive (4+ / 0-)
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    As the founding fathers intended.  "Unitary executive" means only the president has presidential powers - no multiple elected executives, like Revolutionary France or Republican Rome.  He can delegate to his appointees but not to another elected official.  Sometimes the nerve of these people drives me crazy.  They stomp all over the real unitary executive principle and at the same time use a fake "unitary executive" principle to stomp all over the Bill of Rights and the Constitution.

    •  Yes, from the same article, comes this (5+ / 0-)

      The first US vice-president, John Adams, called his position "the most insignificant office ever the invention of man contrived or his imagination conceived". When Cheney was defence secretary, he reprimanded Vice-President Dan Quayle for asserting power he did not possess by calling a meeting of the National Security Council when the elder President Bush was abroad.

      Since the coup d'etat of executive order 13292, the vice-presidency has been transformed. Perhaps, for a blinding moment, Cheney imagined he might classify his shooting party as top secret.

      (It was written by Sidney Blumenthal for the Guardian, which I guess technically isn't across the pond)

      It's a surprising paradox: the President that arrogates to himself the most power in American history divides a traditional presidential power in an unprecedented way.

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