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View Diary: Let's not forget that Plame was tracking IRAN and nukes (97 comments)

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  •  Bush Co. has a long history helping Iran (15+ / 0-)
    For example:

    Iran hostage crisis

    Bush Sr. and now Dubya are part of a grand tradition of war profiteering.  That's the heart of it.  They'll out a CIA operative working on Iran one day to help buy favor with Iran, and then two years later build up to attack Iran.  They don't have an ideology to their campaign except PROFIT.  Arm the Iraqis, arm the Iranians.  Arm Isreal.  Destroy and rebuild Iraq a couple of times, by proxy.  Do whatever it takes to make $.  Let everyone else kill each other, so long as you make a buck.  Hey, it worked for Prescott Bush in WW2.

    So when you look at the Plame outting, just see another in a long series of moves intended to keep the con going and keep power, for the inevitable opportunity to make a buck.

    Dubya worships money.

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