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  •  That is the same Ken Dexter on your link (1+ / 0-)
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    The guy with the beard, sunglasses, and white T-Shirt is the same Ken Dexter that owns the Five Star Concealed Handgun License Training business.

    Here's the proof.

    I did a reverse lookup on the phone number listed at the 5 Star site.  The phone number is listed as Ken Dexter of Sugar Land, Texas (it also shows his address which I will not post here in an open forum).

    He ran for the Fort Bend County Tax Assessor/Collector in 2004.  His campaign website is taken down now of course, but it is still on the Wayback Machine at The website was called The homepage of that site shows a picture of him, it is the same guy in the Lampson photos.  The Our Team page has the phone number to contact him and it is the same as the one on the concealed handgun site. Also his address on the Donations page is the same Sugar Land, TX address I got from the reverse phone lookup.

    No question, it IS the same guy.

    Some other interesting stuff I dug up on him.

    In the August 2004 edition of the Fort Bend Republican newsletter (PDF) Dexter is listed as a $50-$99 donor to the Republican Party on page 9.  In the same newsletter's October 2004 Edition, on page 2, is an add for his 5 Star concealed handgun training.

    Also, I found another donation from Dexter, this time for $250, on the Texas Ethics Commission's website.  The document is County Executive Committee Campaign Finance Report (PDF). You can see his donation on page 7.  Interestingly, you can also see a $1000 dollar donation from Tom Delay on page 5 of the same document.

    If you are really serious about digging into the identity of the other Republican thugs at the Lampson event, I would suggest looking into the names of donors in both the campaign finance report and the Fort Bend GOP's newsletter that I have linked to above.  These aren't just concerned citizens off the street, they are hardcore wingers who have drunk the kool-aid. And they have probably donated money.

    Good luck, and let me know if there is anything I can do to help.

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