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    Okay, so I don't even own a TV, but yesterday evening I was in a motel room and was able to watch the CSPAN coverage. Gephart was just lame. Dean seemed... awkward next to Jimmy Carter -- wrestler's neck, stiff posture, and goofy grin, and so why was he even there? I wanted to like him, but he didn't come across very well. There wasn't anything about Kerry, which I regretted. John Edwards got a long segment, and this was the first time I'd been able to properly watch him in action, except for snippets in a debate.

    It's not about hairstyles. It's about body language and voice. It's about connecting with people. The word is charisma. If Edwards manages to stay in the mode I saw last night, he's going to give Clark a run for his money.

    I'm Canadian. Our elections aren't beauty contests. (Have you seen Jean Chretien? Paul Martin?) But I think a lot of Americans do confuse politics with entertainment. That's why you elect so many actors, and other performers who know how to play a part. Reagan, Ventura, Clinton... even Dubya is basically just up there to read his lines. The John Edwards I saw was a contender: eloquent, passionate, silver-tongued.

    His biggest problem is looking so youthful you'd swear he was barely 35. He's actually 50, I checked his bio, so he's not too young for the job. And even if he is only a freshman senator, that's more political experience than Clark has.

    Bottom line: if that's the Edwards that Iowans saw, I'm not surprised they took him seriously.

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      Iowans can do what they want.  I STILL vote on issues, not hairstyles.   Edwards doesn't have a legislative record to speak of, and what he does have is not impressive.  

      "Capitalism is not working!" - Alan Greenspan, 2/22/02 (Suskind, pg. 226)

      by Randomtask on Tue Jan 20, 2004 at 06:12:04 PM PST

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