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  •  Sinclair Stations and Contact Information (4.00)

    I suggest calling the following 40 Sinclair stations and asking them not to air "Stolen Honor: Wounds That Never Heal," because it is a false and misleading attack on John Kerry.  If you live near an affiliate or an office, I suggest visiting their offices personally to convey the same message.

    If they cannot tell you whether or not they plan to air the movie, or if they tell you they do plan to air the movie, ask them for the contact information for their advertizers.  Record it if they provide it to you; if they don't, at least they're on notice that you're serious about your complaint.

    2713 KOVR Drive
    West Sacramento, CA 95605

    3830 S. Jones Blvd.
    Las Vegas, NV 89103

    4335 NW Loop 410
    San Antonio, TX 78229

    1501 NE 85th St.
    Oklahoma Cith, OK 73131

    1640 Como Avenue
    Minneapolis, MN 55108

    4023 Fleur Drive
    Des Moines, IA 50231

    600 Old Marion Road, NE
    Cedar Rapids, IA 54202

    10 E. Cambridge Circle Dr.
    Kansas City, KS 66103

    1215 Cole Street
    St. Louis, MO 63106

    7847 Big Sky Dr.
    Madison, WI 53719

    WCGV & WVTV  
    4041 N. 35th Street
    Milwaukee, WI 53216

    2714 E. Lincoln Street
    Bloomington, IL 61704

    250 South Country Fair Drive
    Champaign, IL 61812

    2680 East Cook Street
    Springfield, IL 62703

    KBSI  & WDKA
    806 Enterprise St.
    Cape Girardeau, MO 63703

    G-3463 W. Pierson Road
    Flint, MI 48504

    651 Beacon Pky W, Ste 105
    Birmingham, AL 35209

    631 Mainstream Drive
    Nashville, TN 37228

    3206 Hanover Rd., PO Box 3489
    Johnson City, TN 37602

    836 Euclid Avenue
    Lexington, KY 40505

    1731 Soldiers Home Road
    Dayton, OH 45418

    5177 Fishwick Drive
    Cincinnati, OH 45216

    WSYX  & WTTE
    1261 Dublin Road
    Columbus, OH 43215

    WCHS  & WVAH  
    1301 Piedmont Road
    Charleston, WV 25301

    4990 Mobile Hwy.
    Pensacola, FL 32506

    8440 Deerlake Road
    Tallahassee, FL 32312

    Bay Television, Inc.
    7622 Bald Cypress Place
    Tampa, FL 33614

    4301 Arco Lane
    Charleston, SC 29418

    110 Technology Drive
    Asheville, NC 28803
    (864)297-1313 (Greenville, SC office)

    WXLV & WUPN  
    3500 Myer Lee Dr.
    Winston-Salem, NC 27101

    3012 Highwoods Blvd, Ste 101
    Raleigh, NC 27604

    1925 Westmoreland St.
    Richmond, VA 23230

    900 Granby Street
    Norfolk, VA 23501

    2000 W. 41st Street
    Baltimore, MD 21211

    750 Ivory Avenue
    Pittsburgh, PA 15214

    WUTV  & WNYO
    951 Whitehaven Rd.
    Grand Island, NY 14072

    360 East Avenue
    Rochester, NY 14604

    WSYT  & WNYS  
    1000 James Street
    Syracuse, NY 13203
    (315) 472-6800

    1300 Liberty Street
    Springfield, MA 01102-0040

    1335 Washington Ave
    Portland, ME 04103

    •  direct action against Sinclair stations' licenses (none)
      every broadcast TV station must renew its license in 2005 & 2006, per FCC site

      As a condition of renewal (or even having a license, each TV station must maintain a Station's Local Public Inspection File at all times.  During the renewal period the station, on pain of severe sanctions (see MUST allow any individual to read the Public Inspection File and to add commentary to it.  

      McGraw-Hills' station in Indianapolis treated inquiries in a cavalier way and got punished for it, not only via fine but bad publicity.  In this instance the FCC's punitive order read "...we find that McGraw-Hill Broadcasting Co., Inc. (``M-H''), licensee of Station WRTV(TV), Indianapolis, Indiana, apparently violated section 73.3526 of the Commission's rules,1 by willfully and repeatedly failing to provide public access to the station's local public inspection file.  

      Based upon our review of the facts and circumstances in this case, we conclude that M-H is apparently liable for a forfeiture in the amount of Eight Thousand Dollars ($8,000.00)."  

      The allegations stem from the efforts of ONE PERSON who wanted to read the Local Public Information File and they made it very difficult for him.

      Step One:  call your local Sinclair station NOW and ask when their license is up for renewal (you can probably get that information from the FCC site as well but calling the station  puts them on notice that something is up) and say why you're asking.  That should ring some bells within management, ESPECIALLY IF THERE ARE SEVERAL SUCH CALLS.  

      Step Two:  if the license period is already in progress (and even if it's premature) show up at the station and ask to see the LPIF; if they refuse, if they put you off, they're in violation of established Federal Regs which are covered in 47 CFR Section 73.3526 (commercial stations).  Document all your efforts and then write to the FCC to protest, as was done in the McGraw-Hill example I provided above.

      Step Three involves direct attack on their license renewal.  This is a place of vulnerability for each station although with Michael Powell (Colin's son) running the FCC it may not get anywhere - but the fact remains, these are OUR AIRWAVES, not corporate property, and licensing is a factor.

      You can make a FORMAL filing objection to the renewal but this requires a lawyer to draw up the filing.

      You can make an INFORMAL filing, as indicated below, but you do need to include certain information with the filing so as to associate it with the renewal application.  See the last section of this following clip from the FCC's site

      "...Petitions to Deny / Informal Objections

      A petition to deny or an informal objection to a television license renewal application may be filed AFTER the filing of the license renewal application. CDBS will also contain records pertaining to the license renewal application.

      The last day for filing petitions to deny is ONE MONTH PRIOR to the license expiration date:

          * Example. The expiration date for a station in Alabama is April 1, 2004. The LAST DAY that a petition to deny may be timely filed is March 1, 2004.

          * Exception. If the LAST DAY falls on a Saturday, Sunday, holiday, or on a date that the Commission is closed for business, the LAST DAY is extended to the first full business day thereafter..

          * Exception. The deadline for filing petitions to deny against late-filed license renewal applications is the 90th day after the FCC gives public notice that it has accepted that application for filing. If the 90th day falls on a Saturday, Sunday, holiday, or on a date that the Commission is closed for business, the LAST DAY is extended to the first full business day thereafter.

      Procedure for Filing Petitions to Deny. Petitions to deny (a signed original and two copies) must be mailed or delivered to one of the FCC addresses above; electronic or facsimile transmission (including e-mail) is not acceptable. A petition to deny must be timely filed at the Commission. The petition must contain a certification that a copy of the petition was mailed to the station, and must also contain an affidavit of a person with personal knowledge attesting that the facts contained in the petition are true. Failure to include the certification and the affidavit will result in dismissal of the petition to deny.

      Procedure for Filing Informal Objections. In the alternative, a person or entity opposing the grant of a television station's license renewal application may file an informal objection against the license renewal application at any time prior to staff action on the license renewal application. The informal objection (a signed original and two copies) must be mailed or delivered to one of the FCC addresses above; electronic or facsimile transmission (including e-mail) is not acceptable. An informal objection need not contain the affidavit required for a petition to deny.

      Additional Suggestions for Filers To help the staff expeditiously associate a petition to deny or informal objection with the proper license renewal application, the pleading should identify (1) the station's call sign, (2) the station's facility ID number, and (3) the license renewal application file number. This information should be listed on the first page of the pleading or cover sheet. If a cover sheet is used, it should be attached to each copy of the pleading."

      You can obtain the required identifier informaiton from the stations' Local Public Information File or the FCC itself.

      Bottom line:  these Sinclair stations are not without vulnerability, not just in pushing advertisers to cut their spending but also on the matter of their very existence as a licensee.  The combination of all sorts of pressures may be the 2 X 4 that connects with their heads in a persuasive way.

      Every legal tactic should be used to get Sinclair's attention, meaning a kick on the crotch , err, wallet.


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