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View Diary: On Dean, the Left, and the Anglo-American Political Tradition (25 comments)

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  •  Doubt that anybody disagrees that (none)
    Carter is basically a decent man and committed to his faith.  However, he barely beat an appointed incumbent (and a weak one at that) who represented a Party still reeling from Watergate and lost to a casual church goer who had the support of the evangelicals.  They rejected one of their own for a Presbyterian.  Therefore, I don't think that Carter spoke that effectively to them.

    Clinton never spoke to my heart.  Voted twice for him and defended him from the scrurrilous attacks from the right but his "let's all get along" rhetoric was morally empty for me and his public policies were more about enriching the wealthy and little about lifting up the less advantaged.

    Recommend that you read this if you haven't already done so:

    The GOP and Bush are not winning because they speak of "Christian" values but appeal more to those found in the Old Testament.  Perhaps a reason why the American Muslim community voted for him in 2000 before he began to wage war against them.  

    •  Muslims Voted For Bush in 2000... (none)
      ...more because his surrogates told Muslim and Arab leaders that he would have the "get tough with Israel" Middle East policy of his father's administration (and because Lieberman's presence on the ticket signaled a more pro-Israel direction).  That, and the fact that most South Asian Muslims are already socially conservative and inclined to vote Republican.  

      And they voted for Bush mostly despite his religious rhetoric, which made many who listened quite uncomfortable.  

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