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View Diary: Bush plans to raise taxes on the Blue states by eliminating federal state-tax writeoff (109 comments)

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  •  Focus on "allied" red states ... (4.00)
    Seems to me that a potentially profitable path toward opposing this change -- if this is what is desired -- is to focus on politicians (Republican) from Red States.

    For example, Virginia ... which has both state taxes and local property taxes (homes and vehicles).  While not at NYC levels, these can be substantial.  Combined between them these take about 10% of my household AGI -- of course on top of the federal taxes but the state / local taxes at least can be deducted from my tax return.  

    My luck -- Republican Congressman and two Republican senators.  The three offices have heard from me ... and (so far) from 20+ acquaintances on the need to take an equitable and sensible approach toward restructuring the tax system without creating undue burdens on, for example, their electorate.  Virginians would pay dearly for these changes.  There are other "Red" states and Republican House districts for which this is true.

    Now, am I opposed to paying taxes -- no, believe in a system where people should pay their share for the benefits we all share in.  This, however, is potentially a punishment path and one that will drive states & localities to provide less service so as to reduce the now increased local tax burdens as they will no longer be deductible on federal taxes.

    Thus, the activism.

    On the other hand, the worst result for the nation might be that the spending side goes forward but that BushCo uses opposition like mine as an excuse to expand borrow as we go rather than actually having one program that creates a balance between new funding sources and new spending commitments.

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