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View Diary: 440 Billion Dollar Budget: No Audit (8 comments)

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    Daniel DiRito, desordre remplir

    440 Billion is a lot of money but ....
    The same government that DEMANDS that every large company adhere to these standards makes an exception for itself.
    If any company failed, year after year, to comply with audit requirements people would be frog-marched out of their offices in handcuffs.
    Similarly, the FBI has been unable to update their computer system(s) for YEARS! The same problems they had pre-9/11 are still with them. Things done on a daily basis in private industry are major hurdles for them.
    Are all these people fools?
    If not, and it seems odd that so many fools could be brought together in one place, then why the persistenet failures?
    Is it just a happy confluence of "Starve the Beast" with "CronyCapitalism"?
    IS government incapable of running large organizations well?
    Does having Congress involved it the mix make efficiency unachievable?
    Are they playing US for fools?

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