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  •  and I explained above (none)
    the context of what I meant by influence, as I did in the thread last night. It is YOU who keeps calling it "corrupt". I am only questioning if there is some connection between that access and what is "allowed" to be discussed here. Apparently, that hits some nerve.

    I was in a job once where I had some influence on where products were placed. Part of the job was being wined and dined by the producers of that product. Free product, meals, events ... part of the job. My bosses would get mad if we didn't go to enough of them, b/c it was an opportunity to hit them up for bigger discounts and ad dollars, and they would hit us up for position. There is a fuzzy line between ethical "just business" and unethical coercion from one side or the other.

    I think that such boundaries have been lost on many blogs, and as the lower partner in this arrangement, it's likely to hurt the blog far more than the party. They'll cut bait as quick as Kerry did over the "Mercs" piece, and not look back.

    My goal is too highlight how the two parties, the corporations and the religious right are destroying this country. This blogs goal is increasingly helping Schumer and the rest of the leadership push Republican Trojan Horses like Casey, Kaine, Gene Taylor, Testor and Democrats for Life. Kos is a target only in as much as it helps the people selling us out to international corporations.

    Have the bouncers drag me out if that helps preserve your baby-delicate skin and sensibilities.

    •  Your explanation does not help (none)
      You basically call me a liar with your explanation.

      Take on the argument. Don't take on the arguer.

      Ad hominem is what you do against daily kos.

      And you have done it for 10 months now.

    •  I can't speak about all of Virginia (none)
      but shut the fuck up about my Governor, someone I worked for ten months to get elected.

      If you don't understand why we have candidates like Kaine in red states like Virginia, then you really are deluded. See Brad Carson and Stephanie Herseth for reference.

      I guess you really do think of yourself as politically pure; what a load of horseshit, there is no such thing - not in politicians, not in society in general.

      I think you really ought to leave, since we are not 'pure' enough for you. And by the way, I don't usually take people to task for their opinions, but yours are so odious and out of line that I can't help myself.

      Precinct Captain
      Cumberland County Virginia

      Next up - Virgil H Goode Jr.(R) VA-05 YER OUTTA THERE!! (-6.00,-6.67)

      by Dems2004 on Sun Dec 04, 2005 at 12:19:06 PM PST

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    •  Okay, you finally got me to bite (4.00)
      I've resisted entreaties to ban you from a lot of people, not just Armando. But seriously, calling Tester and Kaine "Republican Trojan Horses" is my last straw.

      I'm sure I'll hear plenty of people cry about this, but I'm sick and tired of this "vichy Dem" crap. There might be a time and place for it, but smearing good Democrats in tough states as "Republicans" is ridiculous.

      But I suspect this has been your goal all along, to continue to be increasingly obnoxious and inflammatory until you were banned, so you could then be the martyr and cry to the world about your truths being silenced by the Big Bad Vichy Dem Censors.

      So congratulations, you've got your martyr status. Have fun wielding it.

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