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View Diary: Guess what? 'Gannon' was in the White House BEFORE April 2003 (559 comments)

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  •  Grrrr. (4.00)
    I'm on a dummy streak tonight....It must be all the tin foil I've been wearing on my Army issued brainbucket.

    Another one with contrast and unsharp mask

    •  Well, lookie what we have here (none)
      I think you did a great job - looks like a photo-embossed hard pass to me.

      Maybe you should write a new diary summarizing Gannon's early access to the Press Room, with these photos - I'm afraid it's probably lost down here. That way, the media who comes by Kos today will see it.

      A cynic is merely a romantic in disguise.

      by thebes on Thu Feb 17, 2005 at 05:58:50 AM PST

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    •  Guckert or Gannon? (none)
      That surname looks like it's got some tall letters in it, which would suggest the pass is in the name Guckert, not Gannon. But I could just be talking out of my arse, giving the resolution.
      •  Hmmm (none)
        I'm looking closely at that too, but I'd add that the first name appears to be a line above the last name, and it doesn't look like Jeff it looks like it could be James. Where's some super-duper NASA-type photo software that could answer the question of what name is on that tag?

        (And I'm assuming this is 'Gannon' in these pix)

    •  excellent catch (none)
      maybe our friend at nasa who enhanced the bulge on bush's back picture can work on this one too..

      where does our mobility lie?

      by discontent73 on Thu Feb 17, 2005 at 10:17:11 AM PST

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    •  This confirms Dana Milbank's account (4.00)
      "You've stated that you think you've seen Gannon with a "hard press" pass. What is the visual difference between a hard pass and a daily pass?

      A hard pass has your photo and news org and name on it. A daily pass is just a brown and white striped pass that says, "Press," on it and comes on a dog-tag style chain. Note that the one Gannon wears in the footage on TV is a blue lanyard - not the sort of thing a day pass comes on."

      From SusanG's interview posted today with Dana Millbank. (The interview took place before the revelations of JG's escort service were up on AMERICAblog.) What "news org" would have been on that pass on Feb. 28, 2003?

      To thine own self be true - W.S.

      by Agathena on Thu Feb 17, 2005 at 10:30:18 AM PST

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    •  This information deserves a thread all its own! (none)
      DU has a thread on this very thing. The person who started it has a series of screen captures where Guckert is identified in a wide shot and then a closer view of him behind a woman shows this hard pass.

      He added these two photos on his original post and then started a new thread with teh photographs.

      This is the BIG STORY today with Guckert because this photographic evidence proves that Scottie McClellan is a liar.

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