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View Diary: Is Bush trying to trigger the End Times? *Updated* (353 comments)

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  •  Moon is involved in the Kansas/evolution stuf (4.00)
    So it turns out a Moonie ally testified in the latest Kansas/evolution fiasco.  Guess which side he was on:

    Wells confirmed during cross-examination that he was a member of the Unification Church when he earned doctorates in theology from Yale and in biology from the University of California at Berkeley. In an Internet posting distributed outside the meeting by Kansas Citizens for Science, Wells refers to church leader Sun Myung Moon, saying, "Father's words, my studies and my prayers convinced me that I should devote my life to destroying Darwinism."

    I just found this 2 minutes ago from random googling.  This guy's influence is EVERYWHERE on the Religious Right and the media will hardly touch him.  Sign of the times...

    •  What a freakazoid. (none)

      Of course he's written in the Lamb's Book of Life. He's the Antagonist.

      by ultrageek on Mon May 09, 2005 at 09:46:08 AM PDT

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    •  That's the integrity (none)
      of the Religious Right for you. If they truly believed in the Bible, they wouldn't get near him--but instead, they kiss his butt because he has lots of money and a similar political agenda.
      •  Leaders know about him. The flock, not so much... (none)
        That's why I think Moon is a MAJOR opportunity to counteract the New Crusade taking shape.  The Christian Right foot soldiers would be a bit non-plussed to find out that one of the MAIN players that's organizing this political revivalon the religious right, and is chummy with the Bushies, is also a guy that claims to be the New Messiah and has some rather unorthodox views on Jesus(You can search all of his prolific writings at the invaluable iapprovethismessiah. ):

         Satan is the power or influence which exercises satanic dominion. Someone must appear on earth and dispel that power. Who can drive that power out of the environment? The Messiah is to do it. Jesus was supposed to do it, but he could not. When he comes again, the Messiah is to expel all the Satans from this world. When Jesus failed to complete that mission, the foundation was lost from this earth, and became like a drifting cloud which never settled down in any one place. Even though it encompassed the entire world, it was only on a spiritual level; there was no solid foundation on earth.

        I guess Jesus failed.  You learn something new everyday.  

        The Bigger the Lie is the more powerful the Truth becomes.  Moon isn't just a freakazoid.  He's the integral part of one of the biggest stories of the our time:  The cynical creation of a New Apocalyptic Crusade, engineered by a Military/Industrail/Political/Relgious Complex for the purpose of justifying a war for global conquest.  If the Moon story blows up, a lot of dirt comes out, and this house-of-cards we call the status-quo, built on a foundation of Big Lies, just might collapse.  And that would be a good thing :-)

    •  Ooo...found another interesting link to Bush (4.00)
      Remember the former friend of W that released those secret "Bush Tapes" recently involving "shocking" acknowledgments such as Bush admitting he smoked pot once.  Well, guess which New Messiah Wead has an afilliation with:  

      In a January 21, 1992 broadcast of PBS' Frontline titled The Ressurection Of Reverend Moon, Wead had words of praise for the Rev. Moon's American Freedom Coalition (AFC):

          Narrator: The American Freedom Coalition's Desert Storm rallies are only the latest effort by Sun Myung Moon to influence American public opinion. Moon's Unification Movement has long supported the projection of American military power overseas. Moon has also consistently promoted a conservative political agenda in the United States. His efforts have not gone unnoticed at the White House. Douglas Wead was a Special Assistant to President Bush responsible for liaison with conservative groups.

          Wead: I'd say right now there are probably two groups among conservative organizations that really have an infrastructure, that have grassroots clout -- Concerned Women of America would and the American Freedom Coalition would.

          Narrator: During the 1988 election, the AFC printed and distributed 30 million pieces of political literature, including these glossy voter scorecards.

          Wead: I think the scorecards and some of the independent literature published had an enormous effect. In fact, we had huge notebooks filled with published materials from a wide variety of organizations. The best was probably the AFC's. It was by far the slickest and the finest produced material. And when that doesn't cost you anything, and it is not charged against the campaign and is widely distributed to mailing lists across the country, that has a very important impact.

          Narrator: The AFC's activities have prompted renewed questions about Sun Myung Moon's involvement in American politics. The AFC calls itself a grassroots organization committed to supporting conservative causes. AFC leaders deny that their group is an "appendage" of Moon's movement, and they are sensitive about the issue. When we asked Robert Grant (who is he?) to discuss AFC ties to Moon, he refused. In a letter to FRONTLINE, Grant stated "I see no point in speaking with you either on camera or off camera."

      On December 19, 2002, while many Americans were caught up in Trent Lott's troubles, the Corporation for National and Community Service announced the appointment of David Caprara, the former president of the American Family Coalition, as director of AmeriCorps*VISTA (Volunteers in Service to America). Caprara was recently named director of the Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives for the federal government's Corporation for National and Community Service.

      If there is anything positive to come out of Doug Wead's tape-and-tell episode for Team Bush it is that the story managed to shove embarassing headlines about the Jeff Gannon Affair out of the spotlight.

      Wow, funny how a Moonie media move affected the whole Gannon fiasco, given how the Gannon/Guckert/Gosch weirdness ties in with Moon, the Washington Times, Bush Sr., and a certain past Bush White House Scandal involving male prostitutes.

    •  He OWNS the media (none)
      Well, at least The Washington Times and UPI.

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