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View Diary: Senator Joe Leiberman Must Condemn Karl Rove! [ACTION ALERT] (39 comments)

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  •  HOLY SHIT (none)
    Joes on the Senate floor now and he's growing a beard.He has about a weeks growth on his face.

    by ctkeith on Mon Jul 11, 2005 at 02:00:27 PM PDT

    •  HOLY SHIT, IGNORAMUS! (1.33)
      He's an orthodox Jew and his mother just died, thus it is customary that he does not shave when he is in morning.  Holy shit!  
      •  Jackass (4.00)
        The information you supplied here could have been supplied without A: sarcasm and B: calling another commenter an ignoramus.

        Inform, don't be a jackass.  (I know, I resorted to name calling.  Bad, bad switzer.  You earned it, GoVOTE)

        •  nah (1.00)
          Nah, it's not the first time ctkeith has been called an ignoramus.  I'm sure that he hasn't lost sleep over it.  ctkeith has a history of making posts based on rumor, innuendo, and ridicule rather than fact.  This was just another example of him trying to turn something superficial into something mocking  -- why post about Lieberman's week-old beard in what is essentially a bash-Lieberman thread?  Ctkeith may not have intended to mock Lieberman's religious custom, but he's too quick to draw in his comments about Lieberman -- bash first, and then when you're wrong, never retract.  
      •  btw, you earned a '2'! (none)
        For good information, and unproductive behavior.
        •  wow! (none)
          Funny, when I post something in support of Lieberman, I usually get "1s"!  Boy, I'm moving up in this world!  THANKS!!!!
          •  Odd perception... (none)
            I fail to see how your post supported Lieberman.  If that's what it did (and all it did), I'd ignore the hell out of you - basic disagreement.  Your comment provided background info of a personal nature, which was both interesting and useful, but was undermined by the pointless "ignoramus" comment and mis-placed sarcasm.
            •  ctkeith (1.00)
              ctkeith and I have a long standing back and forth post and reply going on.  Basically, ctkeith mocks Lieberman moreso on superficial matters than policy, and I call him on it.  ctkeith gets 4's for writing things like "Lieberman wants to be McCain's vice president" and I follow with longer posts that explain that he has no proof and that his posts follow the same GWB-inspired "Liberals hate America" tacticts -- scream something loud enough and enough people will believe it, even if it isn't true.  Regardless, his posts get 4's while mine get 1's (with a few 4's mixed in).

              In any case, you've entered into a conversation that has preceded you.  In the context of what's here, yes, it looks like my comment was unnecessarily snarky.  In the context of the history of ctkeith's posts, and my replies to them, and his replies to mine, and so forth, my comment was appropriate.

              (Besides, anyone who is running a website should be a bit more culturally sensitive.  Don't we all chide freepers when they are culturally insensitive?)

      •  shouldn't his beard be down to the floor (2.50)
        or does he not morn the over 1700 american troops and over 100,000 civilians his actions helped kill?

        by ctkeith on Mon Jul 11, 2005 at 10:26:07 PM PDT

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        •  how insensitive (none)
          So in other words, rather than apologize for mocking Lieberman's tradition and showing some sensitivity, you turn it into an attack.  Way to go, asshole.

          For the record, anyone can mourn over anyone in the Orthodox Jewish tradition, but the traditions held by immediate family members are different than the traditions held by nuclear family members, friends, etc.  So, the saying of kaddish, ripping of clothes, avoidance of shaving, covering mirrors, etc., are done for a parent, a child or a sibling.  

          Not that you care -- because your response shows a sincere insensitivity (as did your original post) and frankly a lot of bigotry.

          Join ctkeith's movement - ctkeith cares only about himself and tooting his own horn, even if he has to be a bigot to get his way.  You sir, are a first rate asshole.  Good thing that your dumpjoe movement has fallen in the dumps.  Any candidate that you decide to support should think twice about wanting your support.  

          •  Keep your sensitivity (none)
            I suggest you check the stats of

            Even though our effort helped get Joe to SHUT HIS TRAP and we've put little effort into it June was our biggest month.

            I hope he dyes his beard Blood red.It would be so appropriate.


            by ctkeith on Tue Jul 12, 2005 at 12:10:44 PM PDT

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            •  I'll repeat (none)
              It seems that my original comment was "erased" because you got a couple friends to rate it with one's so that it would disappear.  Thanks for the censorship, you Republican.

              Anyway, in the comment, I appropriately called your comment:

              "I hope he dyes his beard Blood red.It would be so appropriate."

              an anti-Semitic comment.  This is a religious custom, not shaving after the death of a loved one, and then you mock it.  You are a bigot.  In this thread, you have continued to mock a religious custom.  You can disagree with Lieberman's policies without mocking his Judaism.  

              It's probably a good thing that you guys (all three of you) don't have a candidate yet.  I'd imagine after the insensitive anti-Semitic crap you've written, that candidate would want to separate himself from you as far as possible.

            •  PS (none)
              Also, what else seemed to get erased as you censored my comment:

              It is PATHETIC that you are taking credit for Lieberman's absence from the public sphere in June (i.e. "our effort heled get Joe to SHUT HIS TRAP and we've put little effort into it June was our biggest month.")

              HIS MOTHER WAS ILL!  He was negotiating his role as Senator and his attendance to his dying mother throughout June.  How SICK and PATHETIC that you are cheering that Lieberman wasn't out front as much during June and that you are taking credit for it???  You are one fucked up dude, ctkeith.

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