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  •  rita (3.33)
    i am watching cnn and it is 100 percent rita...even though it is a little wind and a little is bad, but there are other things going on in this country today...and in the world!!!!
    •  That's kinda understandable (4.00)
      Rita is just a chicken coming home to roost.

      And it's a big chicken.

      Unfortunately, the other chickens are still coming.

    •  CSPAN planning to broadcast (none)
      beginning at 11:30 ET


    •  Shame (3.20)
      it is 100 percent rita...even though it is a little wind and a little rain

      I'm in Southeast Texas with family on the coast and in Lake Jackson, LA.

      I'd like you to tell us it's just a little wind and rain. They've lost their homes, jobs and businesses and gone through fear and panic while you bask in your fan's adulation, party with your celebrity friends and play the star.

      Shame on you, you're jealous of media coverage of other's suffering. You've become a caricature and I no longer support you. I'm ashamed I ever did.

      •  i am sorry (2.75)
        when i was watching cnn this morning, that's what it was...i know it was much worse earlier and it was devastating, i didn't make myself clear and i apologize.

        i also know that the media will cover anything else besides the war.

        •  Before today I would have just believed you, but.. (3.00)

          Cindy, these posts have time stamps.

          when i was watching cnn this morning, that's what it was

          Four hours before your post, the eye hit just east of Port Arthur and west of Lake Charles. Between then and two hours after your post, hurricane force winds were tearing through Beaumont and Orange, TX and all through Vermillion Parrish, LA..

          Imagine, if you can, what was happening to those poor people while you were watching tv and getting upset about them covering "a little wind and a little rain" rather than your special day.

          it was devastating earlier

          And during. And after.

          You might also realize that the people in a hurricane's wake don't suddenly get happy and whole an hour after the eye passes over. It's still not a little wind and a little rain to them. Do you know they are still very afraid down there - right now, Cindy, trying to find 1,000 people lost in Vermillion as I type..

          You can find the story now on CNN's website. I'm very sorry, it's slightly above the story about you - that's just so unfair too isn't it.

          i also know that the media will cover anything else besides the war.

          Well Joan Baez sang for you today, and you got your smiling-happy picture taken with Jesse Jackson today, and your story is still front page on today. So it was a very good day. Yes it was a beautiful day for Cindy wasn't it?

          Except for a little wind and a little rain earlier.

      •  Me thinks this person is a troll (none)
        Hello hibsnet. How is Michelle?

        inspire change...don't back down

        by missliberties on Mon Sep 26, 2005 at 07:42:46 AM PDT

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    •  Give it a rest. (2.50)
      Sorry Cindy, but I must say that the suffering in Texas right now is quite pertinent.  In fact, at a time when we have people suffering, left homeless and devastated from "a little wind and a little rain," I think you can take a break from the camera just for a moment.
      •  Loss of focus and purpose (2.66)
        I have been a staunch supporter of the Anti-War movement, but when you make statements like these, you lose the credibility and support of most rational people.

        Peoples lives are being destroyed and in many case ended by Rita and Katrina before it.  You of all people should understand this!  Every life is important, that has been your argument!  

        If I brushed off Iraq "just a bit of unrest."  I would rightfully be troll rated and shunned.  Don't fall into the trap of thinking your suffering is more important than someone else's.  We are all Americans, and everytime we suffer, be it in Iraq or on the Gulf coast, it is important.

    •  rita (2.85)
      That is damn stupid.  The death toll from these hurricanes is still rising, and you really think the Iraq war doesn't get covered?  What a selfish woman!  I'd be downright ashamed to read anything else you have to say from here on in.
    •  Casey re enlisted (1.25)

      I'm beginning to doubt Cindy Sheehan's veracity. It is about HER not Bush, or his war.

      •  I have to sadly agree :( (2.50)
        I'm originally from Beaumont, birthplace of the greatest guitar player to ever live -- Mr. Johnny Winter! My family moved to Dallas and I've been living in Canada since I married a Canadian a few years ago. It has been a nightmare for me to not be able to get news on family members who still live in and around Beaumont. They evacuated and are safe. One of my uncles was allowed back in yesterday. Two of my cousins are not.

        I felt a lot of sorrow for your loss, Ms Sheehan, and I hate this war every bit as much as you (allegedly) do -- but other people suffer, too. If I had lost family in this hurricane, my pain and sorrow and anguish would have been every bit as great as yours. I wouldn't turn around and say, "Oh, that little war in Iraq. Why are they talking about it when I lost family in Rita?"

        I'm very disappointed. The right-wing media has painted you as a self-centered, self-absorbed woman and you're living up to that image. Stop making terrible, insensitive comments like this, PLEASE! You are not the only person in the world who is hurting right now.

        I have been visiting Kos for months and this is my first post here. Your comments made me angry enough to stop being anonymous and SAY something. Your comments are not helping ANYONE!

        •  And if she apologizes... (4.00)
          ...would you forgive her, or would you continue to parrot Right Wing smear points?

          Oh, I was thinking you were going to talk about THIS guitar-playing Texan, who strummed like Nero as New Orleans drowned:

          Lost any loved ones to senseless policies and cowboy grandstanding lately?

          •  What does that have to do with ANYTHING? (none)
            What "right wing smear points" am I parroting? Am I not allowed to be angry that a hurricane that displaced several of my family members was dismissed as "a little bit of wind and rain"? Why is it that as soon as a person steps outside the accepted liberal lines, we're dismissed as right wing shills?

            I am PISSED OFF that Ms Sheehan made such callous statements about a hurricane that affected me personally, and is STILL effecting the lives of my family, just as I would be PISSED OFF if someone diminished Ms Sheehan's pain, worry and sadness by telling her that the war was just some silly little thing and why is the media talking about it?

            Here's some right wing propaganda for you, Dem in Va: You have some nerve talking about free speech and freedom of expression when you don't even have enough tolerance to handle someone from your own team having an unpopular opinion.

            You just reminded me why I've lurked here for months instead of posting.

            I am TOO OLD for this shit.

            •  buh-bye! (none)
              •  Wow. (none)
                With brainpower like yours fighting for our side, we should be pulling those troops out in NO TIME!

                How silly of me to be concerned about Hurricane Rita. How silly of me to DARE to be offended by Sheehan's comments about it. From now on, I'll try to remember that freedom of expression only exists if the thoughts expressed are perfectly in line with your own.

                Here's a solid piece of advice, Dem: when someone says something you don't agree with, "Buh-bye" really isn't all that powerful or articulate a comeback. If you can't stand someone who's basically on the same side as you having a different opinion than you, you are in deep, deep trouble, my friend.

                •  Look: (none)
                  Why is it OK for George Bush to strum his guitar during Katrina, but not OK for Cindy Sheehan to continue on with her protest in Washington? You can't have it both ways.
                  •  Pardon Me (none)
                    Who the fuck is letting Bush off the hook.  

                    Personally, I can walk and chew gum at the same time.  I can think Bush is a fuckup and think Cindy isn't helping.

                    Jesus, you people sound like Bush, "You are with us, or you are with the right wing ideolouges!"

                    •  Pardon Me: (none)
                      But I thought this was a Democratic Party blog, where we do not eat our own. If that poster knows so much about how to run demonstrations and/or persuade people, then I think he should present ideas instead of just dissing Cindy Sheehan.

                      I have yet to hear a good criticism of Sheehan beyond the right-wing line of "whaaaaaaaaah! Cindy sucks!!!" If you can provide such a criticism in a diary, I would be glad to hear from you.

                  •  Where did I even SAY that? (none)
                    Are you not reading what I wrote, or are you reading INTO what I wrote a whole lot of stuff that isn't even there.

                    I support Ms Sheehan's cause. I supported her cause before I even knew her name because I, like her, want this war over and I want it over NOW! That does NOT mean, however, that I can't be offended by her comment that Rita was just a bit of rain and wind. To those of us affected by it, it was a nightmare. If you have loved ones, people you have grown up with all of your life, and you knew they were facing a devastating hurricane and you couldn't get in touch with them, you don't think you too would be hurt to hear someone trivialise the severity of it?

                    NOWHERE did I say that Ms Sheehan should have postponed or called off the march. As a matter of fact, that thought never even occurred to me, which is why I'm perplexed that you read that INTO my post at all.

                    I'm as disappointed as anyone else that the media didn't cover the Washington rally as much as it should have but there was a hurricane heading towards the Gulf Coast, just weeks after one devastated New Orleans. It's not that the hurricane was MORE important or MORE significant. The hurricane didn't DECIDE to make landfall on the same weekend of the rally. It just happened that way. I would understand Ms Sheehan's disappointment MORE if the media had been distracted by some insignificant, stupid news story but this was a hurricane. Not a little wind and rain but a HURRICANE. It would be unreasonable for anyone to expect them to drop the story of a hurricane making landfall to devote all of their time to the rally.

                    For what its worth, the rally WAS covered and the coverage would have been better and more organized if it had been the ONLY news story that weekend. That's not the way it happened. But just because there was another big news story that weekend and the media (rightly so) covered it does NOT mean that the other news story should be trivialised. The media wasn't distracted by a "Dog Bites Boy" story. It was distracted by a HURRICANE. I'm sorry if my POV is incomprehensible but that's just the way it is.

                    •  Here is her POV. (none)
                      In a recommended diary today, she said that all CNN was doing was doing a blow-by-blow account of Rita when it wasn't even doing that much damage that she could tell:

                      Now about Hurricane Rita: I woke up on Saturday morning filled with excitement. I knew that the rally and march were going to be amazing events and I was thrilled to be a part of them. I switched on the TV and turned on CNN and for 2 hours, I watched one of their reporters in front of the same downed tree and it wasn't even raining. I knew that there was a hurricane and it was damaging. At the point of the news cycle though, I thought CNN could be covering other news.

                      40 soldiers have been killed this month so far in Iraq and countless Iraqis have been killed. The war is still going on and the news has been dominated by hurricanes and the terrible aftermaths. I actually think the mainstream media has been doing a good job of pointing out the dropped balls in the Gulf States. However, CNN and other mainstream news outlets ALWAYS report other news besides the illegal occupation of Iraq.

                      So, what she was upset about was the way that CNN covered Rita for two hours straight when there was nothing to report. I know the hurricane distracted news coverage, but in her judgement, and mine, CNN bent over backwards to avoid having to cover the war protests. In other words, they were using it as an excuse.

                      I think a fairer way would have been to give 50/50 coverage to the protests and the hurricane. Or put a graphic up giving a link for more CNN coverage and online newscasts. But just repeating the same old news over and over when there is nothing to report is lazy journalism.

                      And Wolf Blitzer's exact term for the march was, "insignificant." Her anger was directed at CNN's coverage in particular, not any kind of hurricane coverage whatsoever. Big difference.

                      •  Yes, I agree....that was her point..... (none)
                        BUT...and this is a bigass but...

                        Her comment was callous and completely disconnected from reality.  I'm very much a supporter of Cindy, to say the least, but this one hit home and her explanation of it comes across like spin more than anything.   She fucked up with this statement.  

                        And all of these people getting downrated in this thread for saying it like it is (that Cindy's comment is FUCKED UP) don't deserve troll ratings in the tiniest bit.  This isn't specifically directed at you as I haven't even looked at who rated them down but I'm disgusted at the ratings in this thread.   What a crock of shit.

                        If Cindy did not mean to be callous towards multiple cities destroyed, tens of thousands of lives robbed of their stability and means to survive, and the victims of a storm were it not for Katrina would be looking like one of the worst disasters of recent years......she should apologize straight up for making an asshole comment like that instead of spinning it like she didn't know how bad it was.

                        Sorry Cindy....if you were watching CNN as much as you seem to be based on that would know from Katrina and hurricanes of every year that the damage isn't known while the storm is hitting.   It's known the day or two afterwards.

                        Her comment really upsets me.

                        George W. Bush, Resign NOW.

                        by tlh lib on Tue Sep 27, 2005 at 11:41:08 PM PDT

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                        •  She apologized here: (none)
                          I am sorry for what seemed to be an insensitive remark about the people who were affected by Rita, but that was not my intention. I am very aware that the failed policies of the Bush administration have all put us in the same boat, so to speak, and we need to take responsibility for righting the wrongs here in our country and in Iraq.

                          She had no intent in any way, shape, or form to be insensitive to the victims of Rita.

                          She has been a powerful force for good in politics, but she needs more experience in tact as in not making people feel like she's fighting for their share of the pie. Keep in mind that she's a political novice and she will make rookie mistakes like this from time to time.

                          •  I agree with all you said (none)
                            and I'm quite sure (and always was) that she wouldn't have it in her heart to disparage those who are suffering from the storms.

                            But I'm wasn't a comment that "seemed  to be an insensitive remark about the people who were affected by Rita" straight up was a callous remark that showed zero connect with reality and to say that it "seemed" that way is exactly the spin that I referred to.

                            I realize she's no professional pundit used to watching their every word...and that's a GOOD thing...because she's real.   But sometimes being real shows some failings as well and when you're a public figure as she has become....people do latch on and look up to you as a leader and those failings count unfortunately.  I'm not saying they should count against her character or against her reputation or anything of the sort.  What I'm saying is she should have more respect for those who support her and those who have suffered (and aren't we all as a nation suffering to a degree the effets of these storms? everyone is to one degree or another but not like those right there in the midst of it) than to post the "apology" that you quoted.

                            If Cindy did not mean to be callous towards multiple cities destroyed, tens of thousands of lives robbed of their stability and means to survive, and the victims of a storm were it not for Katrina would be looking like one of the worst disasters of recent years......she should apologize straight up for making an asshole comment like that instead of spinning it like she didn't know how bad it was.

                            That was my point...the comment you posted from her sounds like spin trying to give a light apology and spin it as something that "seemed" bad to some.   It didn't seem bad.  It WAS bad.

                            I'll let it go now but I just wanted to clarify my point.  It does upset me and I think her response was inadequate but I support her and think she's got a good heart to say the least and her fight is not one that I would want to be in the midst of at all.   I think it just showed that she doesnt understand what is truly going on down here in this region right now....and should, as should every American.

                            George W. Bush, Resign NOW.

                            by tlh lib on Wed Sep 28, 2005 at 11:31:20 PM PDT

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