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View Diary: Senator John Kerry Calls For A Filibuster (607 comments)

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  •  I'll get it out of the way (4.00)
    and be the first to say: where was this Kerry in 2004? and with Kerry leading this charge it will look like an attempt to get back in the grassroots good graces so he can run for President again.  Wouldn't another Sentor leading this charge have a better chance of actual success becasue there would be less accusationf of political opportunism?

    just saying...

    "You should run for office like you're one vote behind and if you get there, you should act like you won by one vote." - Tony Knowles

    by Snuffleupagus on Thu Jan 26, 2006 at 01:20:29 PM PST

    •  dKos (4.00)
      We educated him recently on dKos.  Seems like he took it to heart.  Heh.  Feeling good that I still have my Kerry/Edwards bumper sticker on my car.
      •  Just heard we have 10 DEMS saying no to filibuster (none)
        Does anybody know who they are?
        •  I know this: (4.00)
          When I am driving women to Canada for abortions, or am sitting in a concentration camp (built by Halliburton with its no-bid contract) because I speak my mind and have Iranian friends, I WILL REMEMBER THE NAMES OF THOSE WHO DID NOT STAND TODAY.

          Have no doubt.  This is it, folks.

          "It is a fair presumption that secrecy means impropriety." Woodrow Wilson

          by Percheronwoman on Thu Jan 26, 2006 at 02:35:45 PM PST

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    •  These kinds of comments are so embarrassing (none)
      Every time I read one like it, I find myself newly amazed that our elected officials do anything for us at all considering our rank ingratitude and hypocrisy.
    •  And Where was Fighting Al Gore in 2000? (none)
      The Dems need to take this message to heart and shout it from the rooftops: We will fight you if you act like tyrants.

      We will fight you trying to fix elections and gerrymander.

      We will fight corrupt Republicans trying to save their cash cows.

      We will fight against the promotion of cronies to high government office.  

      We will fight against having your lobbyists write legislation.

      We will fight against the concept of the unitary executive and proponents of the unitary executive like Sam Alito.  A unified executive is a king, plain and simple.

      If you propose rational legislation that truly advances the interests of the people of this country, we will support you.  If you don't, we will fight you tooth and nail, and we will pitch those who don't overboard.

    •  Kerry being Kerry (none)
      If you've paid that much attention to Tony Knowles, how come you don't do the same for Kerry?

      I was in Alaska when I found out how strongly the fundies controlled the GOP. Jerry Prevo's assistant minister was the reason I went to a Democratic precinct caucus in'88. From that incident, above the fold of the ADN next day, I learned how much the media was helping them. (And from talking with the Editorial page Ed.)

      16 years later, the GOP was significantly stronger, more powerful, and had many people breaking laws to be sure W got elected (at least all the votes that could  & would be counted). There is no such thing as a perfect candidate and campaigns are inevitably going to make some mistakes. The following is regarding points made on several other replies.

      Kerry is doing what he has been doing for decades. Acting with integrity and finesse. Integrity is TAKING the right path. From Nam to VVAW, BCCI, Iran Contra, "The New War" and many other examples, Kerry did not shy away from doing what was right. He had tended to avoid the press and that left him more vulnerable to getting his record, words and positions accurately reported.

      The timing can be related to many things. Critical mass is important to have momentum. The grassroots push for the filibuster, the NYT editorial, and his own knowledge of how other Senators were struggling may have given him the sense that it needed to be done and delayed no longer. The trip to Switzerland was clearly planned a long time ago (a world NGO meeting of some kind I think). The phone calls can be made from there -although probably when he should be sleeping.

      Also, many people don't get Kerry's leadership style. I had a good sense of it before I saw "Going Upriver". The biography made it very clear. All I can say is what the Vet in front of me said leaving the theater. "I'd follow him anywhere"

      There is probably a miscalculation on the strength of Kerry supporters. Like him, a lot of us are not big on the spotlight or sounding off for no reason.  When the '06 elections are over;
      Kerry having been out there with multiple speeches, actions and a record many will remember, changes the playing field for '08.

      And those elections are definitely where we need to hit Byrd, et al.  Fund raising is national. Where ever they are running, doesn't keep a challenger from getting a lot of grassroots donations from the blue staters who are tired of the conservative over representation of lower populated states.  When you call to encourage the Senators to filibuster and not to support cloture, be sure you mention campaign contributions.

      Senator Kerry is probably the most uniquely qualifed candidate to be #44.  And, if you let up on the cynicism just a tad, it might be possible to acknowledge that there are some elected officials who are dedicated to serving well, for the good of the country and all of it's citizens. Teddy Roosevelt once said:

      "Any man can stand adversity. If you want to test a man's character, give him power"

      •  rock on Ginny in CO (none)
        rock on
        •  Hey Tucson Hack... (none)
          Care to explain your "1" rating? Or are you one of those who just troll-rates things you disagree with? I'll refrain form an in-kind display and chalk your cowardly rating to a lack of comprehension of the use of the rating system. You've justified nothing.

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