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  •  Senator Kennedy (4.00)
    Thank you for fighting for the US Constitution, for the system of checks and balances, for the right to privacy, for all that American citizens hold dear.  When you move to filibuster on Alito, that is what you will be doing.  For the sakes of my children and their children, I cannot thank you enough.  Thank you for seeing the importance of this issue to our country's future.

    A message for Crystal, or whoever is monitoring at this point:
    On the issue of Democratic senators who are resisting a move to filibuster, but whose mailboxes and voicemails are overflowing -- would it help for us to leave messages for them on a separate diary on Kos (or even on this one)?  If they are in doubt as to how important we, the people they represent think this is, you could refer them here for back up.  Fellow kossacs, what do you think?

    If you do get the filibuster, and are forced to talk for hours and hours, may I suggest a reading of the Declaration of Independence, or the US Constitution.  I think many of your Republican collegues need a refresher.

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