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View Diary: Anti-Gay Baptist Leader Arrested for Soliciting Gay Sex (504 comments)

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  •  WOW. I missed a pie fight... (none)
    Little did I know.

    For the record, I wasn't "offended" by your comment. Very little offends me. I was simply taking the first logical opportunity to make my usual plea, which I ought to stop making in threads like this one, because it inevitably results in the anti=PC police coming out in droves. As if I'M a pc nut.

    i'm terribly sorry you got dragged into this -- I should have just made my comment to the world at large, rather than as a response to yours -- yours wasn't even in the top 50% of the worst "offenders," so to speak.

    Parenthetically, it's interesting how many people continue to argue with a person who has obviously left the playing field -- this is my first return to this discussion since making that "granny" comment -- which, by the way, was meant in a purely lighthearted, "let's nip this in the bud, I'm not angry, are you" kind of way...

    Ah, well. Again, I'm sorry I dragged you into this. I know perfectly well you're not a homophobe. I was just hoping that, for once, we could have a thread about one of these hypocritical assholes that DIDN'T devolve into snarling double entendres about gay sex, masquerading as the mockery of hypocrisy.Your comment wasn't offensive in and of itself -- it was just the tip of the iceberg, if you get my meaning.

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