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View Diary: Breaking: Foley sought rendezvous w/ teen, a federal crime (488 comments)

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  •  I'm a gay man and I'm grossed out by Foley (23+ / 0-)

    That sort of predatory gay man, known colloquially as a chickenhawk, well, we've certainly all met him.... Their approaches can be extremely unwelcome--you have to beat them off with a stick! They often don't know their limits, and it's disgusting to be cornered by them. And the GOP has been letting him run wild for years? Pulling young men into his power play? Yuck...

    Even so, I hope as some of these various young men come forward to talk about what Foley said and did, and how his unwelcome advances made them feel, and how their complaints were (perhaps) ignored: they will point out that there are a lot of responsible gay men, in Washington and everywhere else, who don't behave like this, and who are not a threat to kids. Foley is very off, and the outrage is that the GOP establishment protected and very probably enabled him.

    I'm relieved that at least one of the e-mails on the Stop Sex Predators website is from a kid who went to a gay bar in Washington and was harassed by him. And more broadly, I applaud whistleblowers, and I sense that there is a band of them here, not necessarily defined by partisan politics. To me, the Foley scandal also illuminates the contours of a protection racket which exists solely to protect GOP interests. (There's an Abramoff cover-up, too, and with the Iraq War, kleptocracy on a Pharoanic scale... )

    A (still mysterious) Daily Kos diarist named WHInternNow said on Sept 5th that "Republican bosses are scared to death." So they knew back then at the very least...  For what it's worth, everything else from WHInternNow, and every email from the Stop Sex Predators website, has come true. I sense that there's some good planning and strategizing involved (i.e., someone spoke to a lawyer, probably more than a few lawyers), all of which I applaud. Folks, this scandal is the Big One for the GOP....

    •  This blogger puts it (10+ / 0-)

      all together.

      Short summary: these pages were frightened that reporting Foley, a powerful congressman, to his peers would backfire on them.

      Or perhaps their parents were frightened.

      At any rate, he surmises that they took matters into their own hands, using the internets.

      And John Aravosis knew about this whole deal back on Sept. 5, but he's not saying how except to state that he's "seen the emails."

      "We lucky few! We band of bloggers!"--Malacandra

      by Sharoney on Mon Oct 02, 2006 at 12:03:23 PM PDT

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      •  excellent summary, thank you (1+ / 0-)
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        It's quite obvious that the early posts on Stop Sex Predators -- the first one in late July -- were a pose. The build-up of articles establishing the anti-predator position, particularly leading up to the Sept. 5th comment, is also telling. Yes, it's the voice of someone (an authentic voice), but inconsistent, with legal vetting perhaps on top of it. Although the e-mails from the various other pages are probably real, I suspect they are edited down, too, and perhaps tailored to fit a scandal which seems to be emerging in waves.....

        Given the site's track record, I think the request a few days ago for information about Alexander in Louisiana is most interesting....

        I've raised separate questions about the WHInternNow screenname, which I find a most curious choice for a lot of reasons. It's obvious someone knew this would be big.

        (FWIW, does that blogger know for sure that Stop Sex Predators wasn't in Google on Sept 24th? I'm unconvinced of that, and unconvinced of his demonstration.)

        •  remember also that CREW (0+ / 0-)

          had the emails on July 21, 2006 forwarding them that day to the FBI. The Stop Sex Predators website started a week or so after that.

          The tragedy is that excerpts from these emails, with the page's immediate and apparently disgusted reaction to them, were sent to Rodney Alexander's office on August 30, 2005. And they did nothing about it, and they didn't even look into the fact that another page had tipped him off about a Congressman who hits on male interns.

          It's obvious the pages' safety was their last concern. But even so, how on earth did they think these emails wouldn't cause a story?

          •  i've been looking into this too (0+ / 0-)

            And i can't say anything either way. But my impression was that WHInterNow was the person who sent the emails to stoppredators.

            But, i'm not so sure now. I think it really might be as simple as a long-time lurker (because s/he is in a sensitive position) really did just pipe up here because s/he happened to have heard some rumours. I know, the diary looks like it might be a force, but it also reads like the diary of a lurker who's breaking the vows because it's pretty serious. Straight, to th point, and sans pics.

            Or, it's i love bees for politics.

      •  cute (1+ / 0-)
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        I just have to grin reading that.

        Tech savy kids. Yeah !

        No wonder these guys fear the eeevil internet. It's something they never really understood, nor do they grasp its implications to society.

        Its amazing how time an time again when something manifgests that is a logical development from an online world they are suprised and have no clue what to do with or about it.

        Except, of course to regulate or outlaw it.

    •  Thank you for saying this. (6+ / 0-)

      The comments of people I know and work with come from people who are outraged about this abuse of power. If I had a transcripts of these conversations you would be hard-pressed to say if the speaker was gay or straight, Repub or Dem. They were all justly outraged by this behavior. An older person who uses their position of power to get closer to a minor for purposes of sexual intimidation or solicitation is wrong. (Gawd, it was wrong when female teachers did this with younger male students. Dead wrong. Why wouldn't it be wrong in this Foley situation?)

      •  Yes, abuse of power is the issue (2+ / 0-)
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        Geekesque, Vereker

        Not sexual chat between a 52 year old and a teen, even if you find it distasteful.
        Imagine that Foley were an older, gay friend of a gay teen, and had chats like this which never went as far as physical contact, and where both parties were interested? Should the older person be sent to jail? I don't think so, but I don't know what the law says.
        Remember the Michael Jackson case? One surprising fact I learned from that case is that  it is not illegal for an adult to shower nude with a minor.
        In the case of MJ, there was obviously a problem, but it wasn't actually against the law.

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