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    I'm thinking 24 +/- 2 pickups in the House, four or five in the Senate. Pretty much what I've thought for the last couple of months. It leaves me room to be pleasantly surprised. :-)

    Senate pickups: PA, MT, RI, OH. MO is a toss-up. Having lived on Planet Georgia for 20-odd years, I don't have enough faith in Southern voters to give Webb a better shot than losing close in VA (the situation in TN sort of supports that).

    Lieberwank won't switch parties if the Dems do take over, unless he (as it should be) is stripped of all his committee assignments. As it is, I think the goplets will hold the Senate, and put a 50/50 chance on Lieberwank switching within a year (after testing the winds).

    All in all, I think taking the house is going to be enough to put a stop to the worst of Bush-league's predations. We might not make much progress — we'll be stuck in Iraq until Bush-league goes away, we won't get the worst legislation fixed, but it won't get any worse either. 'Course, if I'm wrong and the goplets hold all Congress, they'll go full speed ahead to wreck what's left of the country.

    Hatred is murder (1 John 3:15)
    You can take a break from politics, but life just keeps a-comin’.

    by dirtroad on Mon Nov 06, 2006 at 11:56:54 AM PST

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