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  •  I don't see why people have such a hard time (4.00)
    understanding  why those [religious] people are outraged now. Here is the simple issue:

    1. Danish paper printed [religiously] offensive cartoons first in September 2005.

    2. [Religious] leaders registered their formal concerns shortly afterward to Danish/euro editors that the cartoons were insensitive and [religiously] insulting and stereotyping  leader/followers/revered figures of [religion] as being mad bombers.

    3. Numerous Danish/euro papers ignored the  formal complaints registered after the first publication, and went ahead and reprinted same  [religiously] offensive again a few weeks ago.

    4. [Religious people] got pissed by the insult of press editors ignoring their leaders formal civilized objections.

    My questions:

    • Who are the press editors who do this (not part of the story as far as I can see)?
    • Why do the press editors continue repeatedly publishing [religiously] offensive , ethnically stereotyping cartoons of a specific religious  group after they have been informed by the [religious] group that the cartoons are offensive?

    Sequentially insert in brackets the following religions:
    Judaism, Christianity, and Islam

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