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    Hat tip Atrios

    I noted with interest that has just hired a former Bush Administration official to write a conservative blog entitled “Red America.”

    Balanced coverage and ideologically diverse editorials have long been hallmarks of responsible journalism. If the Post would like to appear evenhanded, I strongly suggest the website launch a similarly partisan liberal blog, “Blue America.”

    I recognize that the Post has come under fire for its supposed “liberal bias.” I only wish that were true. The Post’s editorial board has taken numerous positions – in support of a misguided Iraq war, for example – that suggest a conservative tilt.

    For years, the right has worked to undermine media objectivity and bias coverage in conservatives’ favor. The Post’s new blog is the latest evidence that the Republican effort is working.

    U.S. Representative (D-CA, 13th)

    Atrios also notes that Our Boy Ben deleted the "Marine Sniper - you can run but you'll die tired" or whatever mug from his CafePress site.

    Liberal: "I still think it's a respectable word. Its root is "liber," the Latin word for "free," and isn't that what we are all about?"--Mary McGrory

    by mini mum on Thu Mar 23, 2006 at 06:23:55 AM PST

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