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View Diary: Ion Sancho - Election official hammered for telling the truth. Enter the lawyers... (269 comments)

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  •  get to work, mmm-hmmm (none)
    I don't believe Bradblog is credible when I read complete lies about myself and tlh lib there (see his signature for details).  we are not freeper trolls, unless you're so caught up in your own spin cycle that you believe:

    telling the truth = freeper troll
    asking questions = freeper troll

    also, Ms. Bev Harris, you are surely aware at your age that we are known by the company we keep.  your "Bozo" John Dean is a major part of your problem here and on other sites.  believe it or not, I would have never paid much attention to you had he not threatened me repeatedly.  so you might want to rethink your tactics because as you can see, some people push back . . . . . . it's a reflex action to bullies.  why do you need a goon squad to clear the crowd for you?  you don't.  got it?  good.  stand on your own and you'll have a tiny measure of respect from me.

    in the meantime, I'm sorry to see you depart suddenly yet again as soon as I show up.  seems to happen every time.

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