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View Diary: Ion Sancho - Election official hammered for telling the truth. Enter the lawyers... (269 comments)

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  •  This is another (none)
    resident troll, and they are playing the "not credible source" gambit to bait you into going off on a tangent to defend some source, who might have written something once in the past that sounds bad. They do it all the time.

    You probably have already had this done to you before, but I just thought I would mention it.

    •  you're mistaken (none)
      resident troll

      anytime you'd like to compare resumes, I'll think about accepting your apology.  until then, google my user name + napalm or + depleted uranium or + fallujah or even + katrina.  then come back here and call me a troll again, you cowardly ratings abuser.

      •  Google 'BradBlog and Brad Friedman' (none)
        before you play that  DHinMI-style trollish 'not a credible source' game.

        If you were on the level and a real progressive who paid attention to what is going on in the progressive blogosphere, you would know better than trying to smear Brad Friedman's work, in order to stoop to trying to bait Bev Harris in a cheap old ploy.

        Shame on you.

        •  ummmm (4.00)
          even Bev Harris has smeared Brad's work.

          I am convinced that Dieb-Throat carefully read my book, and carefully read Rob Behler's interview, and carefully read my article about GEMS and Jeffrey Dean's employment during the time the double set of books was put in. But I haven't seen information in Dieb-Throat's revelations that has not been public before. That is not typical for interviews with true insiders.

          Just saying.

          •  too funny (none)
            oh, snap.  now THAT's some truthy.  thanks, OCD. :)
          •  Doesn't look like any 'smear' to me (none)
            in fact I really can't even make ups or downs of that 15 month-old blog post's meaning, context, or author identity.
            •  really? (4.00)
              Then I guess you aren't really a reader of Brad Blog because the Dieb Throat story was Brad's big story about interviewing a Diebold insider....and according to Bev in that very post I linked - that insider is just someone who "read her book very carefully".
            •  can't make ups or downs of author? (4.00)

              She clearly signed the bottom of her "blog entry" which was actually a message board entry on her site.

              •  you are really grabbing at straws , (none)
                which, I can say from observing the Bev-attacking going on on Dkos intemittently  for nearly 1.3 years (since circa 2004 presidential election), has been the single most characteristic feature of your assaults.
                •  Clarification:collective you: Bev-bashers as a (none)
                •  funny. (4.00)
                  I'm grasping at straws?

                  You claim you can't tell who the author is in a post signed by Bev Harris...seriously.  You claim Brad is legitimate but don't understand when Bev claims that his big Dieb Throat insider isn't credible that it's a slam.  OK...whatever.

                  Then you go off on some incoherent rant about people who don't like Bev and blah blah blah.  I in NO WAY attacked Bev in this post, in fact, I AGREE WITH HER on this issue.

                  She is absolutely right that despite Brad's claims of "verifying" that Dieb throat was a legitimate Diebold insider, he absolutely never gave any inside information.  But Brad certainly rode the publicity wave for awhile, didn't he?  Maybe you don't know, because you seem to be unaware of the entire story.

                  The point in this thread was that Brad is not exactly credible....and your hero Bev agreed.  She only RECENTLY started to cozy up to Brad because she's been banned from most sites on the internet due to her behavior and she needs publicity to keep those donations rolling in.

                  But whatever, it doesn't fit into your agenda to acknowledge Bev's own words, so don't.  It doesn't matter to me, it was simply trivia.

        •  I said his blog isn't credible (4.00)
          and it's not credible.  look at tlh lib's signature line if you need a reference.  there are multiple untrue statements about both of us on Bradblog and therefore, I stand by my previous statement and invite you to stop putting words into my mouth that I didn't say, for which I rated your comment zero.  you're welcome.
          •  I'm sorry but this is just silly (none)
            Clue: If you have a personal beefs/grudges with people who are doing valuable work for progressives, just keep it to yourself and stop being disruptive..
            •  shumard, buy a clue (4.00)
              If you have a personal beefs/grudges with people who are doing valuable work for progressives, just keep it to yourself and stop being disruptive..

              don't even go there.  I don't know Brad but I know there are outright lies about my boyfriend and myself on his website, which were deposited there by a known pathological liar, so YOU stop telling me what a paragon of truth and journalistic integrity that site is.  I know better, you don't = end of story and no more tears from you.

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