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View Diary: Cheney COLD BUSTED For Corruption and Cronyism By Judge (164 comments)

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  •  I still believe Integretiy of Governance should (23+ / 0-)

    be one of our 2006 and 2008 election themes.  Not the main one, but not swept under the rug under some dubious theory that we shouldn't offend or stir up the GOP.  

    The threat of a Democratic controlled House and Senate for judicial nominations and other stuff is going to be sufficient to max out the "rile up the GOP vote" anyway.

    Peace, security, prosperity (fiscal responsibility and taxation), health care, environmental stewardship, and a restoration of civil rights and achievement of total equality (14th amemendment rights), rights to priviacy, seperation of church and state)are also important themes.

    But without integrity of governance, other goals may be impossible.  Under integrity of governance I would include the protection of science and scientists from inappropriate lobbying from industry as well as this terrible situation I don't have a name for yet, where megacorporate lawyers are confusing the public by opposing "net neutrality" with duplicitous terms like "support Internet Freedom" sponsored by corporate front lobbying groups with misleading names such as "consumers for keeping our Internet Free."

    And I am thinking also of Jay Elias' excellent diary yesterday on Home Depot management stiffling shareholder questions.

    How can individuals maintian our primacy in our democracy and free market institutions against what appears to be excess government and megacorporate power and manipulation?  To me, this needs to be included in the meaning of integrity of governence not just GOP and Bush Administration corruption, attempts to subvert and bypass our tri-cameral system of government and violations of the Geneva Convention, UN Charter, and War Crimes.  


    Helping to bring justice back to the White House, one indictment at a time.

    by HoundDog on Thu Jun 15, 2006 at 12:46:34 PM PDT

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