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View Diary: If Obama no longer fits here - neither do I. (143 comments)

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  •  Cheer up, Brian. Things could be worse. (14+ / 0-)
    OK, snout. Unca' Raven's gonna explain this for you. You stayed up too late, and read too much. Then you found yourself staring at the screen too long, looking for answers where there weren't any, and thus segued into the long, dark, tea-time of the soul we call angst. And it ain't pretty.

    Now get your mind right about what's going on here, and don't overthink the issue. And don't be recalcitrant (hint: If your first impulse is to type, "but..." then you're still in refusenik mode). So. Obama gets dissed by psifighter - one of the big guns. And the thread gets some traffic.

    Oh. The horror.

    Well what the hell are we supposed to be doing here, anyway? This is a skunkworks for the Democratic Party. This is an incubator for themes and memes and dreams. They aren't going to get genuine interaction at fundraisers, not with all that schmoozing and baby-kissing bullshit. And like the man said above, it's about fundraising on the net. Now what was it you were saying about profanity here?

    Are we supposed to swoon in giddy wonderment when a pol shows up and then set out scones and a pot of Earl Grey tea? Oooohh... We were chosen for a visit because we're so special!

    Goddamn it, man. This isn't a popularity contest. So there's Yearly Kos and now a bunch of interest is focused here and a lot of folks showed up and gee, we gotta make 'em feel comfortable so they'll join in.

    You know what all that sounds like to me? Sounds like too much emphasis on process, and you know where that leads, don't you? Yes - you do! Then we start having rules, and leaders, and subcommittees. Pretty soon there's a Faces of DKos page. And a newsletter. Then the factions start up. Old-timers vs. newcomers. Then a schism fractures the power elite and the whole damn thing explodes.

    Happens every damn time on the Internet. Every damn time.

    But not here. 'Cause this isn't about that.

    OK, on to Obama. "The future of our party"? God, I hope not. Good speaker, good presentation. But he's the product of the Illinois political machine and right now he needs to raise a LOT more money if he's going to reach the next level. So he's reaching out, broadening his base. Not your base - his base.

    And if starts pandering to the people who get all misty eyed about faith and Jesus and shit, and if he starts propping up Lieberman's imploding hootenanny of a campaign because he's trying to leverage some pharma money, then it's OK for us to call him on it. We're the crack reporters. We're supposed to look under the rug. Keeps 'em honest, and keeps us from typing things like this:

    fear of poetical consequence

    The poetics are funny, but the fear is what's gonna get ya every time. So suck up these affinity issues, worrying about how many people are exactly like you and whether or not we're all one big laughing happy multiethnic family with the gay contingent all serious and the teens waiting to swipe some booze when nobody's looking. Then donate some more money where it will do some good, and volunteer to phonebank for MoveOn.

    Every day's another chance to stick it to The Man. - dls.

    by The Raven on Sat Jul 01, 2006 at 04:15:31 AM PDT

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