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    I have a birthday story too. Not the 4th of July, just after Christmas as I was turning 7. I was in a big closet crying a little over some sad thing that was going on.

    I was called to the phone. The accented female voice had a story to tell me about the way that the world worked. She said she was my fairy godmother and always looking over me.
    Now I was 7 but going on 48 and immediately said something like "Stop it Mom".

    But the voice brushed that off, saying I'd come to learn she was real. She wouldn't be calling more but she'd always be there, anytime I was worried or sad just think of her and she'd be there, always working on my side, about quiet magic that was real. That the world ran on a current of love and I was loved. I'd hear from her and know it was her. You know, fairy godmother talk without the three wishes.

    I was asked who called after I hung up and I said "some friend of mom's I think" But for years I would frequently get a gift or beautiful card in the mail. The package would have stamps from many places in the world on it and was always postmarked "Everywhere, World"

    If I'd accuse my mom that I knew it was her she'd get irritated and say things like "Why would I do shit like that?" She mostly just ignored it all, rolling her eyes when another gift would come. Her sneering was the perfect disguise.

    Did I ever lean toward believing? I am sure that I wanted to, but I don't recall. I came to love the surprises in the mail, all the unique little gifts, reading all the countries the stamps were from,looking them up.

    About 5 or 6 years later my sister ran in yelling she knew I didn't have a fairy godmother. She had found the stamp they used to make the postmark Everywhere, World in my parent's room. (Yes the post office will, or at least would, let you do that.)

    Now how does that story fit here?
    I am sad and worried. I am going to close my eyes and think real hard about our fairy godmother. We (the residents of Everywhere, World) need some magic that is bring peace to the earth, hope for the future, let alone any meaning back to the flag.

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