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  •  Back of the envelope calculations (1+ / 0-)
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    va dare

    Total SUVs registered in the United States: 28,291,752 (
    Assume 20 mpg (very generous)
    Assume 15,000 mi per year per vehicle

    Gas burned = 750 gal per vehicle per year = 21,218,814,000 or 21.2 billion gallons

    Assume 45 mpg (probably conservative)
    Assume 15,000 mi per year

    Gas burned = 333.3 gal per vehicle per year = 9,430,584,000 or 9.4 billion gallons

    Savings from converting all SUVs instantly to Prii: 11.8 billion gallons per year or 32.3 million gallons per day.  

    I’m not sure how to convert that to barrels of oil, since one barrel of oil doesn’t make one barrel of gas, it makes a bunch of things.  As to how that impacts price, that’s even tougher.  Since price is largely a factor of supply and demand, if you suddenly dropped demand way below supply, price would absolutely crater.  It would recover, of course, but the instantaneous drop from too many suppliers selling to too few customers would be shocking.  

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