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    From the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, South Shore edition.  Much to cheer about in the Globe this morning.

    Cheers to our progressive business community.  An ad urging our legislators to move on from the offensive marriage amendment issue and deal with more pressing concerns was signed by The Kraft family—owners of the Patriots, author Robert Parker, architect Graham Gund, the wife of Larry Lucchino—Red Sox exec., and the president of the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce among others.  

    Cheers to Joan Vennochi who schools Lieberman in an op-ed.  

    This isn't simply ``Profiles in Courage," starring Joe Lieberman. It is ``Profiles in Lieberman," starring a politician who irritated his party via sanctimony and loyalty to self, and must live with the political consequences...He is free to go forward and run as an independent, but why should any Democratic officeholder back him instead of the party nominee? That is what party loyalty is all about, take it or leave it. Lieberman abandoned the notion of loyalty when it suited his purposes. Why should he expect any loyalty from Democrats?

    Cheers also to an article on Lieberman, which mentions the blogosphere.

    ``I thought we were focused on the real enemy down the street," said Representative John B. Larson, a Connecticut Democrat and a Lieberman supporter. ``I thought we were focused on [challenging] the White House, on taking back the House."
    Larson, who voted against the Iraq war and still opposes it, said he worries Lamont might take the primary because of anger stoked by heavyweight liberal interest groups and the left-wing blogosphere, which have no interests in Connecticut beyond the election.
    ``Is going to dictate what's going to happen in a narrowly focused primary?" Larson said, referring to the well-funded political organization, which backs Lamont. ``What's happening to the Democratic Party in terms of what it means?"
    But some Lamont supporters say they would be doing Democrats a favor by ousting Lieberman, who has sided with the GOP on issues including school vouchers, Social Security privatization, and judicial confirmation of conservatives.
    ``He's the most significant drag there is on party unity," said Vivien Blackford, a Democratic activist who is supporting Lamont. ``The Democrats nationally have been unable to get their acts together. On every really important issue, where Democrats need to stand together, Joe Lieberman won't do it. He's [Senate Democratic leader] Harry Reid's biggest headache."

    Jeers to clients who no-show after I’ve already paid for a baby sitter.  

    And jeers to too little for adolescents to do leaving them with only partying to deal with their boredom.  One of the downsides of having a higher age requirement to obtain a license is that kids can’t get back and forth to work if their parents are working.  My first job was scooping ice cream way back when.

    Cheers to ice cream—but not the soft serve stuff, which is nasty. And frankly jeers to whatever that crap is they serve at Cold Stone.  Back in the dark ages Steve’s Ice Cream in Cambridge invented the mix-ins and they used actual decent ice cream.  Whatever that crap I had last night was it wasn’t ice cream.  Cheers to real ice cream made on the premises.  And ice cream made at home as well.  Why waste the calories for something inferior?  Give me real ice cream or give me nothing!  

    "For all those whose cares have been our concern, the work goes on, the cause endures, and the dream shall never die." Ted Kennedy

    by sobermom on Thu Jul 06, 2006 at 05:40:03 AM PDT

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