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  •  no, he doesn't (16+ / 0-)

    Bush accused us of not understanding how the world works

    The problem is that Bush does not understand how democracy, or our Constitution (which he was sworn to uphold) works. He also, along with many of his ongoing supporters (remember he is at 51% on combatting terrorism, absurdly), seems to believe in unchecked powers, which go against everything this country was founded upon (and which still has not been adequately explained to Americans -- hence the 51% an support for several extreme incumbent Senators and Congresspeople). He also seems to think that unchecked powers, with no one exercising legitimate oversight with respect to how they are used, is somehow the ONLY way to combat terrorism. Thus allowing terrorists to not only "win," but fundamentally change who we are.

    In essence, he has said to America, back on September 20, 2001 that "We are in a Fight for our Principles, and our First Responsibility is to Live by Them," yet now has violated the most basic principle upon which America was founded, and says that others "just don't understand."  No, it is the other way around, and it is high time for democrats in the media spotlight to start effectively making these points, in ways that a majority of Americans can relate to.  

    •  I agree with you completely ... (8+ / 0-)

      but in the voice of Foghorn Leghorn ... "It was a joke, son."

      noli, amabo, verberare lapidem ne perdas manum -- Plautus

      by fritzrth on Sun Aug 20, 2006 at 05:51:40 AM PDT

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      •  I know (2+ / 0-)
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        fritzrth, farleftcoast

        had not seen the pluto reference, but the reason used the line still applies.  The title comment was mainly a play on the quote itself. Also, the thing that this administration claims people don't understand is their very anti-American belief that terrorism threats require what in effect amount to the discretionary, unchecked powers of a monarchy, which the joking about owning the planets above kind of plays upon.  


        another joke

        a serious joke (title line only)

    •  I disagree (4+ / 0-)

      I think that Bush understands how the world works - and who owns it.  He was elected to get trillions for his buddies and to destroy any hopes that common people had of the national government actually working for them, as opposed to the Owners.  Track record?  Success.

      As for the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and other key clauses have been moribund for decades.  Under our drug laws, people have their property confiscated without due process - a minor example.  There are dozens.  No President has bothered to declare War in 60 years.  The Empire has sapped our Republican institutions.  And Bush (Cheney actually) knew just how craven the Congress was.

      Now, it may turn out that he overstretched and has lost his gamble.  But Bush/Cheney's fundamental insight was that most people don't understand the difference between a corporation (which Chomsky somewhat harshly calls a private tyranny) and the Constitution - and don't care.  And there, I think, Bush/Cheney are correct.

      We have to change that.  And that means changing how the world works.  At least here in Merka.

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