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    I didn't read all of the comments, but at least a few of them noted the concentration camps being built by Halliburton all over America, these days. Then there's the gutting of habeus corpus and posse comitatus. We have the Yu memos saying torture is A-OK if "terrorism" is alleged, with the definition of "terrorism" surely including any plot to overthrow the government. Then there's the Yu memos in action at Abu Graibh, Gitmo, Bagran (sp?), and anywhere "CIA airlines" flies. Of course we can't overlook the bypassing of the FISA courts, tapping of phones and "data mining", opening our mail, monitoring of bank records...the fourth amendment is a ghost.

    Of course we also know that Mr. Bush's closest advisor is Mr. Cheney, who's going to be called to the stand in the Libby trial soon. Said trial is about why Mr. Libby obstructed the investigation of who and why a NOC who worked on nuclear proliferation in the Middle East was outted. This is the same Mr. Cheney who wrote his "song for America" calling for Pax Americana, the same Mr. Cheney who refused to recognize the legality of the Boland amendment when he headed the Iran/Contra investigation, thereby rendering himself incapable of seeing that there was anything wrong with the Iran/Contra affair. It's Mr. Cheney's belief that America should always be "at war", and that a "wartime President" should have no checks on his power.

    Mr. Cheney makes a nice segue into PNAC, who want to see the middle east plunged into war, because sooner or later those folks will rise up and start installing pro-American democracies. This sort of completely insane "thinking" allows an "aw shucks" reaction to news like we received today that the Saudis are readying themselves to intervene on behalf of the Sunni in Iraq. We can just sort of shrug off those patriot missile batteries headed to the middle east as "conspiracy theories" when anyone points out that you really can't stop a roadside bomb or a car bomb with a patriot missile. And of course you have to know, deep down inside, that those Iranians are smuggling arms into Iraq and therefore that strike (next month?) on a "supplier inside the borders of Iran" is completely justified because "they're killing our boys."

    BTW, since our military runs on oil, having 3 of the bigger oil producing countries in the world in a violent ground war isn't exactly going to work in our favor if we decide to stick around, is it? But not to worry, because the oil companies have that covered. They make bombs, guns, tanks, jet engines...all the stuff the MIC loves to use to gobble up our tax dollars, and as long as there's a "threat" we'll send 'em all the cannon fodder they need.

    Which all (sort of, eventually, if you think about it) leads to this question: If the disintegration of Iraq into chaos is such a danger to "the free world", or to America, or to the middle east, or to...hell, just about anybody...

    ...why in the world has no one asked the question "why don't we ask the rest of the world for help?"?

    At a time when even the British are planning on pulling troops out, why are we sending more in, and no one is even suggesting that we could/should simply be admitting that the situation has grown beyond our control and "if you want to see a peaceful Iraq, you're going to have to help."?

    I suspect you know the answer.

    "Doing My Part to Piss Off the Religious Right" - A sign held by a 10-year old boy on 9-24-05

    by Timbuk3 on Tue Jan 16, 2007 at 07:00:49 PM PST

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