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View Diary: NEW POLLs: Obama +6 in SC, +8 in Iowa, -1 in NH, InTrade, Carol Shea-Porter Endorsement (330 comments)

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  •  Edwards people should jump ship (5+ / 1-)
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    i respect john edwards supporters. But, an Edwards win in Iowa would seal in Clinton for NH and the following states. Edwards has almost 0 infrastructure to compete in the feb 5th primary states.  obama is flush with more cash than clinton.

    There is also the fact that Obama has brought soooooo many new people into the party.

    I really hope that Edwards supports in Iowa understand that a vote for Edwards in Iowa is tenamount to a vote for HRC in NH.

    I hate to put it that way, but that is the political reality.  There is no way Edwards could compete with 15-20million dollars hillary would spend in NH to win.

    I talked to a Clinton staffer in Iowa today, and they said they are hoping for a Clinton win in Iowa, but are not attack Edwards because it would mean a Clinton win the in the following states, and put Obama out of the race.

    I know that this seems really awful, but it is the truth, it is the general strategy of HRC Staff to make sure that Hillary wins in Iowa, if she doesn't they want it to be edwards.  An Obama win in Iowa will kill her chances for the nomination.  A Edwards win in Iowa will allow her to dump 10's of millions of dollars into winning NH and domination going forward.

    Please, see the rationality in this argument.  Obama is a great progressive, was against the war, has brought so much hope to my state.

    I plead with everyone, that if you are supporting Edwards please think about how he would compete in NH or SC?  He just doesn't ahve enough money to do so.  Even if he spent all of his 10 million dollars on NH, hillary could double it and still have tons of Cash on Hand.

    Please, consider an alternative.

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