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View Diary: Cheers and Jeers: Rum and Coke FRIDAY! (625 comments)

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  •  Cheers and Jeers to Blogrolls, Jeers to "Swift-Pl (17+ / 0-)

    aning," and Jeers to what can best be summed as a frustrating week for progressive politics. (End Overlong Subject Commentary Line Here)

    Cheers to the DailyKos community for coming of age.  Granted, Cheers and Jeers is only still a toddler (three years old), but DailyKos, the blog, itself is reaching the adolescent, awkward age.  There seems to be a little "What about me?" and some rebellion, some of which is good, as we need that energy of our community's "self-reflection" and growth and our prominent personalities, our most vocal, can and should contribute to the dailogue.  But as the meta diaries, (and I love them, too) continue to multiply, I find that a week where even a non-binding resolution failed to pass in the Senate, Pelosi's call for action, the House about to debate this next week seems to be greatly eclipsed.  Yes, we have a great community here--and I admit I continue to return here more than to get less discussed news and perspectives--the community and our demonstrations of metablogging can sometimes make a Robert Coover story seem quite conventional, by comparison--but let's at least try to remember why we're here, and to allow important calls of action, under-reported news, and key perspectives find their ways onto the recc. diaries more often, okay?  Is there just a feeling that the rescue diary team isn't working hard enough?

    Cheers to another coming of age story--our community has gotten big enough, and enough of us regulars have created quite striking blogs of their own, that we have overloaded the blogroll!  I'll admit that the list was getting way too long and getting a bit out of focus.  Personally, I think a project the DailyKos should undertake is create a link from the home/front page that then provides a directory to blogs, maybe even attempt to categorize them, etc.  We are a large, vibrant community and different readers have different tastes and emphases and all.  Yes, I'm just as struck that Kid Oakland and My Left Wing and Booman and others have been dropped, but considering less prominent/popular also received the ax . . .

    For those of you who want to remember and record the blogs they like to go to--it's time to use the Bookmarks/Favorites feature (the immediate solution) and find them on an archived version of DailyKos at  Other solutions could be an award to subscription by having each member create their own blogroll (sort of a "My DailyKos" version so to speak) similar to the rss feeds--my suggestion.  Or the suggestion of a directory I mentioned above.  Other than that, I have to admit if there were petitions to put certain blogs back, I may just sign onto them.  But I understand the dilemma--when the blogroll's gotten too big, it's time for a new format.

    Jeers to Calitics.  So Kos wants to link to state blogs in the new blogroll, and that's fine, I'm delighted to see the most prominent blog for our state of California and California politics, highlighted.  And granted, Calitics did not know they would be highly featured.  But now that it is--what was on the Front Page and on top, to boot--this bogus story that proved to be uncofirmed (Feinstein never called Newsom to resign).  I'm sorry, but this type of front paging of rumours is not up to the quality of the DailyKos community.  Granted, Calitics did not know they'd be linked on the new, streamlined Kos blogroll so prominently, but if this is what we get, I'm sorry to say this, because I like having a California politics blog linked, but I would ask Kos to remove it.  We are a reality based community and front paging uncofirmed stories belong to the world of Drudge and RawStory.  Calitics bloggers, please up the standards of your blog--I don't know how forgiving Kos would be, but Iwill not put up with it--what belongs in a side diary, should stay there, until it is confirmed by reliable sources.  It was not.

    Jeers to "Swift-Planing."  Okay, so the right wing noise machine is in fuller force to go after Pelosi.  We all knew they were going to do it.  And this is not the first time/  And this whole story is not even original--if anything it's a retaliation of justified criticism of Former Chief of Staff John Sununu who wrongly used Air Force one years ago, which we a generation later, have forgotten--but it had resonance back then--nevermind it's NOT the same thing.  They're really grasping at straws to attack her.  Better efforts need to be made not only to debunk--but to take advantage--after all, plane sounds a lot like "Plame"--a certain court case out there that's being continually buried or treated insignificant by the MSM-- I'd say do a bit of that in addition to the continual debunking--  Granted, the Right is furious that simply labelling "San Francisco Values" is not working.  But with the control they have on the airwaves, our rest can never be done.

    Jeers finally to a frustrating week of progressive politics.  There was a lot of difficult news this week and our MSM are going to obsess over Anna Nicole, astronaut betrayal, etc. to once again place the cloud cover on the hell in Iraq that Bush Jr., Halliburton, etc. has created while quietly continuing to escalate, profit, etc.  It's difficult to stay focused, and it also was a week where quiet, smaller races took place that we need to remember--as that is the future--such as in Nassau County, New York where Democrats won a State Senate seat, while unfortunately Democrats lost the only seat they had in California's Orange County Board of Supervisors--but attention should still be made there as the two top GOP Vietnamese Republicans have a very close race, where the more conservative one is ahead by seven votes.  There were questions of voting fraud made, especially in New York's Nassau County (on the Republicans side, still lost) that once again are being forgotten.  We still have some challenges that must address.  And we must be sure important legislation passes in this Congress.  We can't lose sight on this.

    Jeers to overlong preachy posts in Cheers and Jeers, uh . . . whoops.  Make sure the Rum and Coke you pass to me is a double, okay?  :)

    •  Okay--I had a Few When Writing . . . (6+ / 0-)

      "We still have some challenges that must address"?

      "But with control they have on the airwaves, our rest can never be done"?

      I know I got sober enough to read and say . . . what?  Give me another . . .

      but first, since I forgot to set the link, here's conservative newspaper Orange County Register reviewing the close special election on California's Orange County Board of Supervisors--trying to paint the more MODERATE candidate as yet another "disgruntled Gore"? The meme that should be filtered through if the Media truly respected our Democracy is "Count the Votes!"  Why can't they respect this necessary need?!  In the meantime, these voting machines need to go to the scrap heap, where the Electric Car did not deserve to go, by comparison.  argh.

      Make that a TRIPLE Rum and Coke, please.

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