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  •  MN Coleman and Franken (3+ / 0-)

    First, I don't know Al Franken, never met him nor sent him any $$$.  I do not live in MN and therefore can NOT vote for him.  I am NOT an Al Franken troll.

    That said, I am truly amazed when I hear or see comments about Franken's past as a commic.  I did used to listen to his show, and the guy is bright AND well informed.  The interviews he had were much more intellectual and informative then anything O'liely, Limpaugh, or the others offer.

    While I don't know anything of the other MN candidates, and I would not favor just giving Franken the Dem nod, I am just stunned when I hear people dismiss him as a funny man or former comedian.  How much better of would this republic be with informed and articulate leaders?

    It is the province of knowledge to speak and it is the privilege of wisdom to listen. Oliver Wendell Holmes

    by Oliver W Holmes the 3rd on Fri Mar 30, 2007 at 12:28:53 PM PDT

    •  Al Franken can diminish the Repug Party (0+ / 0-)

      Franken is no dummy. He is very fast on his feet. I've heard some moaning here that we don't need "another celebrity" to become a politician but it's a mistake to cede the celebrities to repugs for easy than normal wins.

      We need Franken for more than just that one seat in MN. Franken is willing to go right after the mighty repug noise machine, from Faux News, Bill O' Lielly, to that big fat idiot, Rush Limbaugh.  Franken skewers people like that both his brain and his wit.

      The moment that the average person starts laughing at the lies and hypocrisy of the right wing noise machine, from Fox News and Rush Limpballs, to the meth fueled sex with a male prostitute by a republican evangelical, is the moment we start to take back this country from republican scum.

      Franken is part of the antidote to that right wing noise machine and will help diminish the pure bullshit that they try to feed the public.

      We need people who will fight and people who can make the right wing undesirable as the butt of jokes. It works like nothing else.

      That's why I would love a wrestler like Franken to get into the Senate and start framing the debate our way. Don't underestimate Franken's deadly wit.

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