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View Diary: USAGate: Abuse of Executive Privilege (58 comments)

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  •  Kelly may be the lynch pin here (10+ / 0-)

    working as Deputy WHite House Counsel AND Special Assistant to the President AT THE SAME TIME.

    From his March 5, 2006 email, it appears that he is running the show, coordinating all the players' messaging and strategy.  He also is demanding the meeting "today" which tells me that noone is in a position to overrule him.

    Intriguingly, in that email he says:

    We have been tasked with getting a meeting together with...

    1st question:  Who's 'we'?
    2nd and more important question: "Tasked by whom"?

    Seems to me we should be hearing more about Mr. Kelly very soon.  

    •  Oprison worked for Kelley (0+ / 0-)

      Kevin Drum had a good post on it today citing the Murray Wass article:

      The withheld e-mails show that Sampson's draft was forwarded for review to Chris Oprison, an associate White House counsel, who approved the language saying that Justice was not aware of Rove having played any role in supporting Griffin. But an earlier e-mail from Sampson to Oprison that has already been made public indicates that the two men discussed Rove and then-White House Counsel Harriet Miers as being at the forefront of Griffin's nomination.

      ....Oprison, in turn, consulted with White House Counsel Fred Fielding and Deputy White House Counsel Bill Kelley in approving the draft of the letter, according to White House records

      From your (again, really great) analysis, it appears that Oprison was the WH counsel associate who communicated regularly with Sampson, his Justice Department counterpart. Once the details were worked out, Oprison would then forward on the decision requesting documents to his boss, Deputy Kelley.

      Is the database set up to map emails sent among members within the White House?

      My bet is you'll see a lot of back and forth between Oprison (what a name) and Kelley.

      So, assuming I'm right, the question becomes: where does Kelley send his email? - which in all likelihood is exactly what the withheld emails would tell us.

      Remember, more of Kelley's were witheld than any other WH staffer.  

      Remember also that in addition to "Deputy Counsel", Kelley is also a "Special Assisitant to the President".  That means that Harriet Miers is not his only boss.

      Indeed given Bush Administration's Soviet policy making the second banana top dog (mix metaphors well before serving), Kelley could very well have be telling Meirs what to do.

      Internal WH email chains would seem fertile ground for mapping the final AG firing process, and I'd love to help out with that if you'd like another hand.

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