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    I'm not an MD but my wife is a pediatrician, my best friend's wife is an OB/Gyn, and one of my other friends of 20 years is a general surgeon.

    These days, you don't go into most medical fields for the money.  You do end up making decent money every year, but consider that you don't start earning much until you've gone through 4 years of college, 4 years of med school, 3 years of residency and possibly 3 years of fellowship.  That's 10 years of low or no earnings while the rest of us are out making our nut in whatever field we follow.  Oh, and you have well over $100,000 of debt to start.  They don't catch up in lifetime earnings to their non-medical peers until they're well into their 40's.

    Now add to that the fact that if you're an OB, for example, and you have a patient with a genetic problem or perhaps bad habits they didn't curtail during pregnancy that causes their child to be born with a physical problem there is a 70%+ chance that YOU are going to be sued for the child's problem and that EVEN IF YOU WIN, you're going to be stuck with huge legal bills and an increased malpractice insurance bill, if the insurer doesn't decide to drop you altogether.

    Also, you can expect to be called in at almost any time of the night after working 12 hour days if one of your patients needs you.

    Oh yeah, it's a sweet life filled with diamonds and candy and the people who go into medicine are all about the bucks and not helping people.

    The Cubs WILL win the World Series in '07. I'm not saying which century, though.

    by nightsweat on Wed Jun 13, 2007 at 06:19:45 AM PDT

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