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  •  Who is Jack Christopher (6+ / 0-)

    I haven't seen too much on this, from the Griffin email: (emp mine)

    From: Tim Griffin
    Sent: Tuesday, October 05, 2005 6:01PM
    To: Christopher Guith; Cody Johnson; Blaise Hazelwood; Terry Nelson
    Cc: Shawn Reinschiedt - Research/Communications; Christopher P. McInerney - Research/Communincations
    Subject: RE: Cuyahoga Returned List

    chris mc says like this:

    Jack Christopher and I have already tasked our IT person with creating a match list between BoE's return mail list and the AB request list.  Jack though this would be a good idea to have - to reference as part of the larger DenHerder press strategy.  We should have results of this match later tonight.

    I can't speak to other states, but if they don't have flagged voter rolls, we run the risk of having GOP fingerprints...


    This email was brought to the attention of Congress in Dec 2004.  And read from by panelist JUDITH BROWN

    Voting in 2004: A Report to the Nation on America’s Election Process
    Tuesday, December 7, 2004
    Room SD-G50, Dirksen Senate Office Building

    Could the "DenHerder" strategy be this guy: (I would looks at Direct Impact and PR flacks.)

    IA native Dave DenHerder, who was the campaign's Midwestern political director, is now the COO of Direct Impact, a strategy firm. '08 campaigns have him in their cross-hairs to run political and field programs in the Midwest.

    And here's the bio on COO Dave DenHerder:
    Prior to joining Direct Impact, DenHerder spent 18 months as a regional political director for Bush-Cheney ’04. He was responsible for developing, planning and managing all political and grassroots operations in seven states, including Ohio, West Virginia and Michigan. He also acted as the campaign’s liaison with state political and elected leaders.

       Prior to the campaign, DenHerder was the White House Liaison and Special Assistant to the Secretary of Labor. His extensive political and campaign experience includes BC ’00, Illinois Victory 2000, Lightfoot for Governor in 1998 and Lightfoot for Senate in 1996. In addition, he has experience as a staff member on the Hill working for Representatives Leach and Christensen.

    So who the hell is this Jack Christopher and Chris McInerney (chris mc?)!

    Jack Christopher is still the Majority Legal Counsel for Ohio House

    This AP article might help.

    AP - Grand Jury Seeks Records From Householder, Buerck
    Friday, February 25, 2005
    The (Cleveland) Plain Dealer reported Friday. Jack Christopher, legal counsel for the House Republican caucus, said paper records, a desktop computer assigned to Buerck, a laptop assigned to Householder and three compact discs have been turned over. Although Buerck worked on at least one state computer, he kept his political work on a laptop purchased by the campaign committee, he said. "I'm very confident that during my service to the state, all rules and regulations were followed," he said. A federal investigation started in March after Householder was targeted by an anonymous memo that accused him and two of his consultants — Buerck and Kyle Sisk — of laundering campaign contributions for personal use. No charges have been filed and Householder, Buerck and Sisk have denied the allegations. But that didn't stop Householder from firing Buerck and Sisk, who also were dropped by several other high-profile GOP candidates after the memo emerged. Householder's attorney, Bill Wilkinson, said the former speaker has not been interviewed by any investigators and continues to maintain his innocence. "He's always welcomed the investigation as the best way to clear his name," Wilkinson said. The Ohio Democratic Party is still offering a reward for "a 1½-inch-thick group of papers, including a downloaded Yahoo calendar, business documents and 10 to 12 handwritten pages on yellow legal pad," that Kyle Sisk claims were "stolen" from the billiards room in his Upper Arlington home in early June. Sisk filed a theft report June 11, about two weeks after receiving a federal subpoena for records pertaining to fund raising he has done for Householder, the Ohio House Republican Campaign Committee and other current and former political clients. Sisk reported nothing else was "stolen" from his home, and reported there were no signs of forced entry. No word on whether the Upper Arlington police checked Sisk's paper shredder.

    Looks like McInerney is a good 'Bushie'
    from Hobart and William Smith Colleges fall 2004 alumni blurb

    For Chris McInerney ’01, joining the political fray was a complete leap of faith. After graduation, McInerney went to work for a mutual fund clearinghouse in New York City, but found that less than fulfilling. So, in April 2003, he gave two weeks notice, forfeited his apartment lease, moved to D.C. and began working as a volunteer intern in for Republican National Committee Chairman Ed Gillespie. Since then, he has secured a full-time position with the RNC and has risen through the ranks.

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