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View Diary: CA-42: The Case Against Dirty Gary Miller (87 comments)

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    of course, we'll be 'splaining it over the next several weeks.

    Incidentally, there's actually video footage of Miller begging the city of Monrovia to buy his land, despite his contention that they forced him to sell it.

    In addition, his latest alibi is to blame the municipalities for, I don't know, forcing him to break the law:

    In a letter sent to newspapers in his district, Gary Miller stated that he was implementing a new office policy: cities and counties seeking federal funding must submit documentation stating that the community would be the sole beneficiary of the project.

    This is positively Orwellian. Miller brokers all sorts of side deals with cities and counties in his district which end up personally benefiting him. Then, when he gets caught, he tries to blame the cities and counties which were forced to play ball with him in the first place. Miller forced the city of Monrovia to sell his parcel of land and then claimed eminent domain status to save himself millions in taxes. Changing office policy won't impact that in the least. The cities aren't the problem - Miller is.

    A good bit of my research is in this story, and I'm involved with Trash Dirty Gary, which we'll need to continue to ramp up now that there's a candidate.  This is but one of the hundreds of districts across the country that must be challenged by honorable men and women willing to make a difference.

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