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    I once studied the coverage that the New York Times and other archived newspapers had of US "covert" involvement in some rebellions occurring in the Congo in 1964, some chaotic and distasteful rebellions caused mainly by US-Belgian destruction of the real government just a few years before.

    (I say "covert" because like most "covert" actions, everyone on the ground sees us and knows we're doing it, and report it, but it's dutifully kept secret from US citizens by the government and the purportedly 'patriotic' gung-ho media.)

    Anyway, it was great:

    The editorialists kept insanely raging that we both were and were not there and that if and when we were involved it was to stop those dastardly Chinese Reds from interfering in, er, our Congo.

    Meanwhile, on the very same days, their Congo reporter would, er, report, that there was no evidence whatsoever of significant Chinese involvement.

    At the time we were using anti-Castro Cuban exile pilots, who for some reason seemed to stick out as odd in the African Congo.  (And yes, I know that Che Guevara tried to assist the rebels, and while well-intentioned, it wasn't his best idea.)

    Of course, only anti-American dupes would have read the English-language reports in, um, England.  That's how beautiful U.S. propaganda is, the U.S. media dutifully avoided eye-witness reporting from English journalists writing in English language newspapers, printed and distributed in England.  Maybe we didn't have the internet then, but we certainly had newspaper stands in New York and Washington, and we had phones.

    Thankfully it all worked out well, with Congo being taken over by our flunkie Mobutu Sese Seko, perhaps the most kleptocratic leader in history.

    Thank God we helped push out and (directly or indirectly) kill Congo's Patrice Lumumba, who like so many cowardly anti-American leaders wanted Congo to develop on its own, not at the behest of US and European corporate exploitation.

    Such wisdom and insight of the right wing (both Republicans and 'Cold War' Democrats) always evaded the insane left, which crazily recommended supporting indigenous reformist leaders.  After all, imagine the message we would have sent by supporting popular democratic movements like Lumumba over chaotic pathetic tyrants like Mobutu -- what good would a developed and healthy Congolese population have done for anyone?

    Why do they hate us so much?

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