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View Diary: Joe Wilson Responds to Washington Post Editorial (229 comments)

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  •  Two different 'attempts' perhaps (1+ / 0-)
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    From the WaPo article linked:

    Wilson said that a former prime minister of Niger, Ibrahim Assane Mayaki, was unaware of any sales contract with Iraq, but said that in June 1999 a businessman approached him, insisting that he meet with an Iraqi delegation to discuss "expanding commercial relations" between Niger and Iraq -- which Mayaki interpreted to mean they wanted to discuss yellowcake sales. A report CIA officials drafted after debriefing Wilson said that "although the meeting took place, Mayaki let the matter drop due to UN sanctions on Iraq."

    According to the former Niger mining minister, Wilson told his CIA contacts, Iraq tried to buy 400 tons of uranium in 1998.

    I think the correction (Iran, not Iraq) is to the second paragraph.

    Perhaps Bush supporters and the WaPo are saying the first paragraph -- the Niger official assuming Iraq was afer yellowcake -- is evidence that Iraq attempted to buy "significant quantities" of yellowcake.  But I'd say that conclusion is a stretch.  Maybe that's what they wanted, maybe not.  Some Niger official's assumption is thin support for what Bush painted as a frightening discovery in his SOTU speech.

    In any case, the feelers went nowhere -- evidence that the sanctions were working.

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      molly bloom

      1998 was hardly "recently," which is how the SOTU characterized the Iraq efforts.

      Plus, hasn't it been demonstrated that Iraq already possessed a lot of raw uranium?

      •  You are correct (2+ / 0-)
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        Overseas, blueoasis

        It was mentioned in several places, but I found this article from The American Thinker site from 2005 with just a quick google.

        The Iraqis had 500 tons of yellowcake (under the control and seal of the IAEA) at Al-Tuwaitha when the US invaded. It had been sealed by the IAEA in November, 1992.

        •  Yup, they sure didn't need to buy any more (0+ / 0-)

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          by Overseas on Sun Apr 09, 2006 at 01:05:05 PM PDT

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          •  Yes, and what happened to it? (0+ / 0-)

            Blix or El Baradei? was explaining how this stuff, in barrels filled with yellow cake and contaminated water, disappeared after we attacked.  

            The real yellow cake scandal is the fact that attacking Iraq made yellow cake available to scavengers.  Luckily you need literally tons of it to make anything out of it.

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