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View Diary: Joe Wilson Responds to Washington Post Editorial (229 comments)

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  •  The difference between the editorial page (0+ / 0-)

    and the facts in the news section should be disagreement with actions taken and not changing the facts.  The WaPo is a piece of crap like the Wall Street Journal, same methodology.

    WaPo is a right-wing paper just more so than all the other papers, TV channels, radio stations, and magazines all owned by six major corporations with the same conservative objectives that are less ideology than just plain money, money, money.  Yes, some do have their hired progressive gun, but come on, so little is easily swallowed up.

    Quote from The Nation, Washington Monthly, Salon, Mother Jones for a change.  I realize the majors give us what's going on out there as far as erroneous reporting going out to the nation is concerned, but we need to get facts as well as point of view that doesn't goosestep!  

    It appears that some people on a left Democratic Party blog like this don't get what's really going on.  They feel abused when truth comes up dispelling middle class illusions about America and the American Dream shit.  

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