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  •  Obama has a better record of getting things done (9+ / 0-)

    than his major opponents.

    Good morning Daily Kos.

    Obama's Progressive Record

    1. Barack Obama's IL Senate record, by ChiGirl88, Sun May 06, 2007 at 03:04:59 AM PDT
    1. ADA Ratings for Obama: 2005 (100%), 2006 (95%); Avg: 92.5%. Edwards lifetime ADA rating is 81% (and a poor 70% in 2002). link. Red state excuse doesn't fly because, eg, despite NC's union tradition which made even Jesse Helms vote against China MFN, Edwards voted for it.
    1. Interest group ratings for Obama: vote smart
    1. Issues 2000 on Obama
    1. IL death penalty reform: Adam B's diary
    1. Obama has 1 bill with his name that was passed into law. It's a Congo relief bill. Edwards has zero bills passed into law. See here for links.
    1. Obama's work on ethics reform: barath's diary. DL's diary. More diaries and excerpts here
    1. Obama has an excellent environmental record. He has 100% and 95% LCV ratings, had a strong record on it in the IL senate (despite IL being a heavily industrial state). Responded to environmentalists' concerns and opposed Bunning's bad CTL bill and stated a 20% CO2 reduction target for him to support it. See my compilation of links here. By contrast, Edwards had a weak to poor environmental record: a poor overall LCV rating (59%) as well as poor ratings in 1999 (78%, weak compared to other Democrats) and 2002 (59%, poor) when he had no excuse of running for President.

    Biden has a better legislative record (outside of his war vote, but he was one of first to start putting out meaningful and thoughtful exit plans) of getting things done most other candidates; he's been there for sometime and mostly knows what he's doing. Kucinich has the most consistently progressive record  of all of the candidates. Obama is currently much more viable for getting elected than both of these strong Democrats. That Kucinich has called for his supporters to vote Obama as their second choice and Biden is said to be learning towards the same, should also tell us something.

    And good morning Iowa. Hope you'll choose wisely tomorrow.

    Global Warming and Climate Science: Self-learning tools.

    by NeuvoLiberal on Wed Jan 02, 2008 at 09:31:39 AM PST

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