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  •  Big anvil, small pond, big splash (1+ / 0-)
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    The money sent to Andrew Rice can make a big splash because Oklahoma is such a small pond -- saying that as a Texan. ;-) It only has two medium-sized, not-too-expensive media markets in Tulsa and Oklahoma City. So it doesn't take much money from O2B to pay for a single TV ad that will blanket the Sooner State.

    You're right about Rice v. Inhofe. It would be the single greatest qualitative change of any seat in the Senate. (Not just an assertion, Christunity at Swing State Project worked out the numbers based on voting records and issue statements.)

    And then, even if Andrew Rice doesn't win this year, we will have a proven progressive with good name recognition and a statewide organization ready to go for the other Senate seat next time up. So there's little or no downside to contributions to Andre Rice. Or to Rick Noriega, who just might be running again in two years if he doesn't win this one.

    •  True. Plus, if Rice just gets close (1+ / 0-)
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      the fact that Republicans have to look over their shoulders in places like Okla-freakin'-homa will send shivers down their spines, and hopefully give them bad dreams too. Lots of them.

      I would never die for my beliefs because I might be wrong. - Bertrand Russell
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      by sullivanst on Fri Oct 17, 2008 at 01:52:38 PM PDT

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      •  In Texomaland, Rice/Inhofe looks like a dogfight. (0+ / 0-)

        I live in Grayson County, TX (the sad site of a horrific bus crash in Sherman that you did not hear about on the national news 2 months ago) and we actually are in Oklahoma's THIRD media market....Oklahoma's southern third/the Red River counties of Texas are considered "Texoma" and we have our own radio stations and affiliates of NBC and CBS in addition to the occasional stray signal from Dallas, OKC, Tyler, Fort Smith or Shreveport.  

        I'm finally seeing political ads and based on the saturation as well as sheer intensity of the message, I'd say that the Oklahoma Senate race looks more competitive than the one here in Texas....Andrew Rice is just HAMMERRING Inhofe over giving Social Security to Wal-Street, unfunded Medicare programs, and even calling Sen. Inhofe out....IN OKLAHOMA...for being Bush's rubber stamp in the Senate.  Inhofe is only responding with some garbage about Andrew Rice being a dangerous choice because he supports higher government spending....(as if our credit limit went any higher than Bush's wars, bailouts, porkouts and kickbacks have already maxed us out at).

        By comparison, I Cornyn is running a ridiculous black-and-white Brokeback routine about how he's always been a supporter of alternative energies as well as Texas.  He won't tell you which party he's in or who his opponent is, just that he approves this message.  Noriega ads are practically nonexistent.  I guess they've written off the Red River's too bad, because Sherman-Denison is alot larger and more liberal-leaning than most people would guess.   Most people don't even know we're here.

        Noriega's a great candidate but he just doesn't seem to have the financing to really run a statewide blitz of Texas.  It pains me as a Texan, but as an American I believe the DSCC's money is going to be better spent building on Oklahoma.  Kick that asshole Inhofe out of the Senate.

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