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View Diary: Campbell Brown: McCain and advisers to blame for Palin (53 comments)

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    confusing two separate and not mutually exclusive facts:

    1. Palin is ignorant, arrogant, corrupt, power-hungry, bigoted, and utterly incompetent to run the United States of America.
    1. McCain and the rest of the GOP either didn't vet her properly, which doesn't say much about their own competence; or they knew what she was like and picked her anyway because (a) the Dominionists wanted a candidate they could run the country through in the likely event McCain croaked in office, (b) the GOP's only hope was in appealing to the anencephalic vote, a/k/a The Base™, (c) they figured that nominating someone, anyone, with a vagina would placate the Clinton voters (because all us females are interchangeable, don'tcha know), or (d) Palin would make a handy scapegoat if they lost.

    It is entirely possible to decry a woman candidate for embodying all of the negative traits that Palin does while, simultaneously, decrying the misogyny that led her handlers to pick her. Yes, she herself is misogynist, as many women are, but that is orthogonal to the point made above.

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