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  •  Hillary's Nero Order... (3+ / 0-)
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    Harkov311, sundancekid11, Metatations

    History buffs will know what this means.  Of course, Albert Speer had enough of a conscience to refuse Hitler's order.  I don't believe the same thing can be said for McAuliffe and all those other "good" democrats whose memoirs will be styled TO BURN A VILLAGE.

    The past fortnight has been unforgivable.  But there is one benefit to be reaped from the vicious and relentless attacks against Barack Obama:  The very people who presume to have done the Party a favor by "vetting" Obama before the Republicans have the opportunity in a general election have absolutely no standing now to insist so condescendingly that his is a "messianic" movement.  The arrogance and sheer effrontery of assuming the authority to pass judgment has destroyed any bona fides the Clintons might have enjoyed once in this regard.

    And I'm still not personally convinced that the whole Canadian/NAFTA affair amounted to one huge (and possibly illegal) Donald Segretti-style dirty trick.

    Even if Hillary wins tonight, she has lost.

    And so have we.  Damn her.

    •  Sometimes it feels as if she is running (2+ / 0-)
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      fhcec, venatrix

      for a repeat bid in 2012.  Four more years of Bushite policy should soften the competition for her, eh?  Meanwhile the inroads made in rebuilding our party will be for naught, and the slow decay of our coalition will recommence.  

      This primary is about more than Clinton or Obama; it's a choice between empire and democracy.  We clearly know which camp Senator Clinton is with.

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