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View Diary: Leaked! International Red Cross Report on CIA Torture (Updated) (398 comments)

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  •  Excellent and much needed diary. (20+ / 0-)

    I will just note that a short version of Danner's article has appeared in today's New York Times, with links (in the web version) to his longer article in the New York Review of Books.  

    I remember in the 1970's reading Alexander Solzhenitsen's book about the Stalinist political prison system, "The Gulag Archipelago", and being thankful that I lived in a country that did not descend to such depths of depravity.  I have suspected for some time that I could no longer think that, and the public release of the Red Cross report, as described by Danner confirms that suspicion.

    I think we have just had this generation's version of the revelation of the Pentagon Papers, which told the truth about the government's secret plans for the Vietnam war in the 1960's.  Even just reading Danner's New York Times article brings home the truth about the Bush torture policies in a way that cannot be ignored.  We need to educate everyone we know about this.  

    •  From the Stalinist Gulag to the American Gulag (11+ / 0-)

      Here's the link to the New York Times article. I got it from Stephen Soldz, who in a letter to members of the withholdapadues website (of dissident psychologists who have opposed APA's policy of supporting members who work with the government, at least until a change made recently), said:

      We must remember that the techniques detailed in these documents were designed by psychologists. These psychologists were present at the APA-CIA-Rand conference on the Science of Deception. APA has never explained why these torturers were invited or what they said or what was said to them. Nor have the APA leaders who invited and participated with these torturers expressed any remorse that they may have aided their torture. Rather, they tried to hide the attendance at this conference, even claimed to have "misplaced" it. And they have tried to change the subject to whether or not these torturers were "APA members", as if its fine to aid torturers if they aren't members.

      Accountability for US torture MUST include accountability for those who aided the torturers, including those in the APA leadership who contributed. Continued silence is not acceptable. The truth must come out. We must pressure any Truth Commission or other accountability process to explore the role of the APA, other psychologists, and other health professionals, in the US torture program.

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      by Valtin on Sun Mar 15, 2009 at 07:44:50 PM PDT

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