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  •  please produce the context of pappe's (2+ / 0-)
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    capelza, jon the antizionist jew

    quote that you used to twist his meaning.

    it is an inappropriate propaganda tool to extract the meaning you are placing on it by this cherry picked sampling. when people use the word 'we' they frequently are speaking of human nature, mankind or the group they belong to as in the nation, israelis for example. to better understand his meaning try using the term 'one' in exchange for 'we'. is the struggle he is talking about zionism? is he speaking as an israeli? it is quite easy to understand his point rather than twisting it for your purpose to somehow allege an accomplished well respected historian would ever state in an interview he was not interested in truth. if you want to understand his meaning it is simple.

    if you were a truthseeker you would admit this, but you are a perfect example of exactly what pappe was saying, for ideological reasons you are taking his words out of context to try to convince as many people as you can that your interpretation proves your allegation.

    it doesn't. you are engaging in propaganda. now produce the context or admit you don't know what the context is and this is just something you picked up @ camera or some other zionist hasbara orginization.

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