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View Diary: Why Avaaz is Running this Ad re: Obama, Bibi and Middle East Peace (36 comments)

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    who you think is 100% right. parsing words to determine what was meant by this sort of pompous statement that denotes a familiarity w/obama lieberman doesn't have, israel doesn't have, and bibs doesn't have, won't make you right, and i will demonstrate why. what matters is what most people hear.

    since thus far no one has produced a full translation of the interview what readers will come away with is what was reported by both the bbc, and haaretz, and other msms rules.


       The Obama Administration will put forth new peace initiatives only if Israel wants it to, said Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman in his first comprehensive interview on foreign policy since taking office.

       "Believe me, America accepts all our decisions," Lieberman told the Russian daily Moskovskiy Komosolets.

    fyi, this is not the first time the hasbara crowd (i mean that literally as "explanation", these guys and their ilk) has gotten up front on issues. for example, wsj and haaretz recently reported some WH official stated obama was making a fall deadline wrt iran

    QUESTION: Back to Iran , there’s a press report this morning that the Administration is basically going to give Iran until like, the UN General Assembly in September to respond to the U.S. dialogue – an effort hasn’t started yet.

    MR. KELLY: Yeah.

    QUESTION: Does that coincide with your view on it?

    MR. KELLY: Well, let me just say that we’re not setting any deadline.
    We’re not interested in setting any kind of specific or even notional timeline.


    QUESTION: Well, I just – back on the whole idea of the timeline, then.
    This was first reported in the Israeli press over the weekend, this whole October idea. You’re saying that that’s incorrect?

    MR. KELLY: I’m saying that we do not have any timeline.

    QUESTION: Does that mean that these reports are incorrect?

    MR. KELLY: I’m saying that we’ve decided that we want to get Iran to come back to the table and engage with us at the – on the P-5+1 process.

    lots of ways for israel/aipac to push the agenda.

    blathering about how the new president of the global superpower is in your pocket doesn't reflect poorly on the audience, it reflects poorly on the blabbermouth.

    furthermore you just asserted  (by your response to soysauce) 'accept' means to agree. iow you interpret this to mean America agrees w/ all our decisions.

    iow, israel decides, america agrees? aipac just sent out a letter via our senators to get obama to back off israel wrt I/P and let bibs set the pace.

    i think we should all slow down a little an observe the way the president deals w/israel before making any assumptions. figuratively speaking, the day is young.

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